Meghan Markle’s Sister Samantha Was Allegedly ‘Obsessed’ With Black Magic

Chris JacksonGetty Images

Samantha Markle has caused endless headlines in the British media in her unwavering crusade against her half-sister, Meghan. However, she might earn them again, albeit for another reason — her alleged “obsession” with black magic, per the Daily Express.

According to royal expert Andrew Morton’s book Meghan: A Hollywood Princess, Tom Markle Jr. said that his sister Samantha often exhibited “weird behavior.”

“It may have been no more than a rebellious teenage obsession and her brother never witnessed her performing any satanic rituals, but he described to me how he was disturbed by her weird behavior,” Morton wrote.

“Even as a little girl, [Samantha] had a fascination with the macabre, once bringing a mouldering gravestone that she’d found in the basement of their apartment block in Chicago into her bedroom.”

In addition, Samantha allegedly “played with a ouija board, burnt black candles and dressed in the all-black uniform of the goth.” She also defaced the bible of one of Tom’s coworkers by drawing a pentagram and writing “666” on the holy book.

Though her actions may sound like teenage play-acting, Tom Jr. recounted other instances where he was “disturbed” by her behavior. He alleged that Samantha would often “taunt” him with threats of black magic, which she performed in her room.

In another story, Meghan’s half-brother recounted how he had laid claim to the downstairs bedroom when he and his sister moved to their father’s house in California. In retribution, Samantha decided to slash his new prized waterbed, per International Business Times.

Morton unsurprisingly described the pair as the “sibling rivals from hell,” and concluded that the two fought like “cats and dogs.”

Meghan has not spoken to her half-brother nor her half-sister in years. After Meghan’s newfound mega-fame as the then-girlfriend and now-wife of Prince Harry, the two have become regular tabloid fixtures despite the estrangement. Neither was invited to Meghan’s wedding.

Samantha, in particular, has been negative towards her half-sister, claiming that the American actress-turned-royal is “lying” and “doesn’t have a heart,” as reported by The Daily Mail. Samantha was even planning on writing a book originally titled The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister, though it has since been renamed to In the Shadows of the Duchess.

Samantha is also said to have influenced Meghan’s father, Thomas Markle Sr., to stage photos before the royal wedding. The maneuver proved to be a royal embarrassment, and caused serious drama before the big day.

However, Meghan remains unengaged with her half-siblings, and is currently enjoying maternity leave caring for her first-born child, Archie.