Isabelle Mathers Ditches Bikini Top & Poses By The Pool


Isabelle Mathers revealed some behind-the-scenes looks at one of her recent photo shoots, and she did so with a series of three Instagram video clips. Each clip showed Isabelle posing outdoors by a pool, with a chair as a prop. In the first video, Mathers faced her back to the camera, wearing no bikini top while rocking floral bikini bottoms. The bottoms were high-waisted with a cheeky cut. Isabelle placed a white towel around her neck and wore her hair down, which touched her lower back. At one point, she moved the towel to her back, as she made several poses for the camera.

The second and third photos showed the model wearing the bikini in its entirety, as she sat on the chair and stuck several poses. The final video showed Isabelle with a towel wrapped around her head, with several props on the ground beside her. This included a half-filled water bottle, an open book, and a white shirt or bag. The update was geotagged in Byron Bay, New South Wales. Fans clearly enjoyed the update, as it received over 57,000 likes.

In addition, Mathers shared several Instagram Stories that showed her posing again. This time, she wasn’t by the pool, but was outdoors. Her partner for the photo shoot was a shirtless man, who wore white pants, a black belt, and a cowboy hat. They sat on the tailgate of a black pickup truck. The final clip was more humorous than the rest, as she sat on the male model’s shoulders and danced in celebration of wrapping up the shoot.

And while Isabelle hasn’t given many interviews about her modeling career, she was mentioned by another model, Ashton Wood, during a talk with Husskie.

“[The Mathers and we]’ve been family friends since we were little. Our mums are really good friends and we all went to the same primary school and high school. Cori was best friends with Olivia [Mathers] throughout high school and then Issy [Isabelle Mathers] and I became really good friends this year. There’s quite an age gap between us – I’m six years older than Issy, but we get along really well. We use to catch up and speak every now and then but this year we really clicked and started getting along – which is really cool.”

Isabelle’s sister, Olivia, was also mentioned. The two sisters are sometimes mistaken as twins, as they are very similar in appearance. They both have successful modeling careers, which they first launched via social media.

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