Fitness Model Jen Selter Flaunts Cleavage And Toned Abs In Instagram Shot Featuring Her New Apartment

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images

Fitness model Jen Selter definitely knows how to work her curves in the gym — and for the camera. Jen first became notorious for her curvy rear, and quickly began gaining a huge audience who couldn’t get enough of her selfies. Today, the star has a fan base of 12.8 million followers on Instagram who cannot wait to catch her next photo.

In her latest share, which got 58,855 likes in just four hours, Jen is posing in tight black yoga pants, sneakers, and a crop top that showcases her toned abs and tempting cleavage. The only thing more eye-catching than Jen’s curves in the photo is the background. Jen took the selfie in her new apartment and encouraged fans in the caption to check out the latest YouTube video she released documenting the moving process.

While most fans likely aren’t as familiar with Jen’s apartment as they are her physique, the space in the background looks absolutely stunning. The large floor to ceiling windows let in a ton of natural light, and the view is completely breathtaking. The furniture is quite simple for now, but perhaps Jen will get a few more pieces to round things out once she settles into her new space.

While plenty of fans showered Jen with comments about her appearance, there were also quite a few who couldn’t get enough of her new apartment. One follower commented “views are amazing! Place is gorgeous!”

While Jen takes a lot of selfies showing off her physique in a bikini, she’s spotted in skintight workout gear just as often. After all, she spends a lot of her time getting her sweat on.

In an interview with Women’s Health, Jen commented on her body, her followers, and her overall perspective on the world.

“Motivation is my main thing; fitness comes second. It’s all about your mindset and being positive. You can’t get anywhere with a negative mind.”

With a devoted fan base like hers, Jen is able to secure sponsorships and deals for sponsored posts that are very lucrative. However, as she told Women’s Health, she’s careful to ensure that all the partnerships she undertakes are created from a place of authenticity.

“I’m always very picky with sponsorships and I think that has definitely helped my growth. I’d never work with or advertise a brand that I don’t believe in.”

And, that need for authenticity extends beyond her business to her own physique, as she confirmed when asked about rumours that her booty was fake.

“I have a body that anyone could have if they work hard and work out consistently… staying natural is what it’s all about.”