Taylor Swift’s New Merch Has A Major Typo And Fans Have Strong Opinions

Rich FuryGetty Images

For many artists, merchandise is a huge part of how they earn their livelihood. While the vast majority decide to sell some kind of merchandise on tour, some prep things even before they hit the road — like Taylor Swift. Fans are eagerly anticipating her album TS7, and she recently released some merchandise to help build even more anticipation. There was nothing wrong with the quality of the merchandise — but, as PopCrush reports, there was an issue. It turns out, one of the t-shirts being sold had a typo that a fan eventually noticed, and soon all the other fans who had bought the piece of clothing began chiming in.

The tees, which went for $45, featured lyrics from her single, “ME!” At the very beginning of the featured lyric, there is an obvious typo. The shirts ended up reading “Your’e the only one of you / Baby that’s the fun of you.”

In situations like this, one of the best things that the celebrity can do is simply address the issue so that all the fans can stop buzzing about it. Taylor Swift hasn’t decided to respond to the typo publicly quite yet, but her team was obviously made aware of the error, because the tees that fans were purchasing are no longer available to buy in Swift’s official online store. Fans of Swift have varying opinions about the error.

Some fans were really not happy about having purchased an expensive piece of merchandise that had a typo on it. There were even some that decided it was the final straw for them in the fandom. One fan responded to the original typo discovery post, saying “as a technical writer… this really frustrates me. You should definitely contact the return people and see if the can help you with it. Maybe they will waive the return fee for the mistake! INSANE!!!”

Others were questioning whether the typo was purposeful rather than an error, some way of Swift sending a secret message to her fans.

And then, of course, there were fans who simply laughed about it all — or fans who suggested that the shirts with an error could end up being worth money one day.

As Us Magazine reports, the merchandise for her upcoming album was actually released all the way back on April 26. It seems that fans just didn’t examine it too closely until now. While it may seem odd to release merchandise for an album before the actual album itself is released, fans who decided to support Swift by buying her merchandise received a little perk — a digital download of the album, whenever it’s released.