Oiled 'Queen of Curves' Abigail Ratchford Goes Fully Topless, Says 'Caption This For Me'

Self-proclaimed "Queen of Curves" Abigail Ratchford is proving exactly why she holds the moniker. The Maxim model has taken to Instagram for her latest update, and it's throwing fans two things – plenty of curves and an opportunity to get interactive.

On June 6, the 27-year-old updated her Instagram. A sizzling snap shows the Pennsylvania-born star sitting on wood-paneled floors. Abigail has gone fully topless. Her only clothing comes as a pair of glossy, plastic-like briefs in black. Abigail has been shot resting her left arm on the floor – her right is just barely containing her ample assets. All-around bronzed and seemingly oiled at the thighs and chest, the model is as much flaunting her deep tan as she is her eye-popping silhouette.

A closer look shows a classy setting. A white piano in the background gives a classic finish to the picture, but there's no denying who's taking center stage.

Abigail has written a caption with a unique touch. In fact, it looks like she's asked her fans to provide the caption for her. The best ones will, per Abigail's words, receive direct contact.

Fans have been obliging.

"Yass girl, you are giving me WIFE" was one response.

"Simon says 'raise your right hand!'" was another, somewhat cheekier reply.

Of course, Instagram is a place for references to popular culture. One fan referenced Kelis' "Milkshake" song.

"And she wanna talk about how her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.. girl stoppp," they wrote.

Clearly, this girl is a pro. With no fear of flaunting her voluptuous rear, cleavage, and bikini-ready body, Abigail doesn't just come as a model willing to don daring swimwear. This hard-hitter knows that her womanly charm will rake in the viewers, and she's got the backing to prove it.

Abigail has 9.1 million Instagram followers. Following this account is best done outside of the workplace, but it comes with its pros. Ratchford is rarely repetitive. One day can see her flaunting a thong and suspenders on an outdoor balcony. Another can see her sizzling in a scorched desert. With a piercing gaze and impeccable makeup though, this sensation doesn't just come as eye candy for the males. Abigail will receive the odd message from female-based accounts – today was no exception.Abigail's account is followed by the industry's heavyweights. Playboy model Sara Underwood follows her. So does fitness sensation Ana Cheri. Tammy Hembrow, Sommer Ray, Issa Vegas, and Reya Sunshine also keep tabs on Abigail. Fans wishing to stay updated on Abigail's posts should follow her Instagram.