Bombshell Julia Rose Goes Fully Topless On Roller Coaster, Waves Bra In The Air

Six Flags might attract children and families, but most people would agree that fun on a roller coaster doesn't come with an age limit. Los Angeles-based model Julia Rose appears to be enjoying the thrill today in her own unique way. This Instagram sensation has braved the ride fully topless, and her latest update is showing fans how it went down.

On June 6, Julia updated her account with a risque video. The Instagram video shows Julia sitting on a Six Flags ride with men in the background. Screaming as the ride picks up speed, Julia appears to be having fun, but she's likewise sending her viewers an eyeful. The model has gone fully topless for the occasion, and she can be seen waving her pink bra in the air. While Rose's left hand holds the undergarment, her right covers her modesty – almost.

Seemingly cheered on by others on the ride, Julia eventually lets go of the bra and clings onto her chest.

"Sh*t," Julia captioned the video.

Fans have been going absolutely nuts.

"Both hands up or it doesn't count!" one wrote.

"Haha. Well. Any gentleman offer their shirts up?" another asked.

The user makes a fair point. While Julia has braved nudity, the men around her have not. Their encouragement for Julia to drop her bra came in the form of cheering, but Julia alone appeared bold enough to show off her chest.

The comments also included some humor.

"So when are u getting arrested," one fan wrote.

This model is known for going risqué, as well as for her sense of fun. While Julia's trademark appears to be her sticking out her tongue and throwing out the middle finger, neither gesture appears particularly aggressive. Much like Miley Cyrus is known for sticking out her tongue, this Instagram bombshell does the same to express herself. Julia is also known for her joint appearances with fellow model and friend Valentina Fradegrada. The two went topless together at Coachella. More recently, they returned to Instagram for a twinning bikini snap (seen above).

A topless beauty on Instagram is going to rake in the fan engagements. When the post comes in video format, that engagement will inevitably be higher. Julia's topless roller coaster video had been viewed over 495,000 times within two hours of the model posting it. Over 2,500 comments were left.

Julia has 1.5 million Instagram followers. Her account is followed by models Hannah Palmer, Sofia Bevarly, French model Mathilde Tantot, and Valentina Fradegrada. Fans wishing to see more of Julia should follow her Instagram.