June 6, 2019
Brooke Burke Flaunts Her Killer Body In Teeny Bikini At Age 47

Brooke Burke has a lot on her plate, from podcasts to app development to television hosting, but that doesn't mean that the busy mom doesn't take some time off for herself. The Dancing With the Stars champ recently showed off her killer body in a teeny bikini while exercising on a yacht with a friend.

In a video post uploaded to Instagram, the former Playboy model sports a teeny leopard-print string bikini, while her partner stuns in metallic swimwear. The couple are laying on the bow of a boat overlooking a beautiful vista of water and cliffs.

However, the focus of the post is fitness, as Brooke and her friend showcased ab and glute sculpting exercises by raising and then moving their legs in a coordinated motion. In the clip, Brooke tells her friend to balance by engaging her core muscles. Despite the difficult maneuver, the pair seem to be having fun, and often giggle. Brooke even holds what appears to be a glass of white wine.

It is not surprising that Brooke has strong glute muscles, as she teaches a Booty Burn class, per Better Nutrition.

"I've been teaching my Booty Burn fitness class for five years, and I love it," Brooke told the publication.

"It's so fulfilling, and it's such a great group of women and such a gift to be able to inspire people. The fitness part is valuable, but the spiritual and the health part is so much more important than just vanity."
The update was extremely popular with her fans, and has been viewed over 117,000 times and has earned 262 comments.This was not the only time that Brooke showcased her fantastic body recently. Earlier in the week, she also stunned while wearing yellow swimwear, as seen in pictures captured by The Daily Mail.

Brooke also posted a selfie of herself in summery attire in a picture that garnered over 12,000 likes and 150 comments.

When Better Nutrition asked about Brooke's diet for keeping her body in bikini shape, she replied that her secret was about moderation and sustainability.
"Design something you can sustain, then give yourself a break once a week. Get it out of your system. Do something active. We're so stuck on these extreme diets — but I believe it's easier to just develop a lifestyle of health and wellness all year long."
Brooke confessed that her "cheat days" included indulging in pasta and wine. Her other dietary tip was to try to skip packaged foods, which contain bad fats and refined sugars.