Donald Trump Slammed For Delaying D-Day Ceremony In Normandy Because He Was Talking To Laura Ingraham

Sean GallupGetty Images

Donald Trump is coming under fire after reports that he forced an international ceremony commemorating D-Day to be delayed because he was giving a partisan interview to Fox News host Laura Ingraham.

Trump made remarks at Thursday’s ceremony, held in Normandy where hundreds of thousands of Allied troops made landfall on this date 75 years ago, but not before he reportedly forced everyone in attendance to wait an extra 15 minutes.

As NBC News White House correspondent Hallie Jackson reported, French television cameras caught Trump speaking to Ingraham at the time the ceremony was supposed to have already started.

As Jackson noted, the thousands of people who came to the ceremony were forced to wait until Trump and Ingraham were done.

“Thousands of people waited as an announcement overhead came on, declaring the program would be delayed until 11:15a.,” she wrote on Twitter.

A number of other reporters made note of Trump’s delay, which led to some sharp criticism of the president. Many called it selfish or indulgent on the part of the president to delay the ceremony so he could give a partisan interview, and for the contents of the interview itself. In his remarks, Trump slammed Special Counsel Robert Mueller, himself a decorated U.S. military veteran.

The interview itself was promoted by Fox News throughout the day on Thursday, including contributor Raymond Arroyo, who appeared with Ingraham on the broadcast.

Ingraham herself has been in the midst of her own controversy after remarks that appeared to identify white supremacist Paul Nehlen. As The Inquisitr reported, Ingraham on her program showed a graphic of conservative voices that she claimed were being censored by social media, and Nehlen’s picture was included. Nehlen had openly promoted white supremacy online, and was kicked off Twitter in early 2018 for tweeting a photoshopped picture of Meghan Markle that was decried as racist. Fox News stood behind Ingraham after the flap.

Despite the flack for his lack of punctuality for the ceremony, Donald Trump did earn some praise, even from critics, for the remarks he made at the D-Day ceremony. CNN correspondent Jim Acosta, who has frequently clashed with the president, said on Thursday that the speech was the most “on message” remarks that he has made during his presidency.

Acosta noted that Trump was able to stay on script and not veer off his message, keeping the focus on the brave soldiers who stormed the beaches at Normandy in 1944.