Emily Ratajkowski Claps Back At ‘Old White Men’ Who Criticize Her Bikini Photos

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images

For Emily Ratajkowski’s Instagram followers, the model’s dozens of bikini photos are simply a way to show off her confidence. To Ratajkowski, those photos are a symbol of her entire brand, which has earned her millions of dollars. The I Feel Pretty actress sat down for an interview with Kourtney Kardashian on Wednesday for Poosh, where she spoke about the hate she often receives from Instagram followers who think she is nothing more than a “stupid” model.

Ratajkowski, 27, started her own clothing line, Inamorata Woman, in 2017. The brand garnered instant success with its swimsuits, lingerie, and most recently, bodysuits for all ages. Ratajkowski often models the collections herself on her Instagram account, where she boasts 23 million followers.

Kardashian asked the social media star how she feels when people don’t take her seriously because of what she posts on Instagram.

“Of course, the initial reaction whenever you post a sexy photo is like, ‘Oh my God, naked again. She’s so stupid, you have nothing else left to offer…'” Ratajkowski responded. “And I’m like, ‘Actually, no, I’m running a business off of this.'”

She added that her Instagram photos are part of her branding.

“It’s funny, you think about those…older, white men in suits being like, ‘Oh no, we don’t take her seriously.’ And then we’re making more money than them,” Ratajkowski continued, noting that she can’t believe people still judge others for using Instagram to make money in 2019.

Kardashian and Ratajkowski, who are both known to flaunt their amazing figures on social media, also spoke about fashion’s ability to make people feel more confident in themselves, Daily Mail reported. Ratajkowski recalled a time when she was younger where her mother told her to put on “cute underwear” to go out to dinner. When Ratajkowski asked why, her mother said, “It’s just for yourself.”

“The great thing about fashion and beauty is it’s for you, ultimately if it makes you feel a little bit better about yourself that’s going to carry with you throughout the whole day,” Ratajkowski said.

Earlier this week, Inamorata Woman launched a new swimsuit collection, which Ratajkowski dutifully modeled in several posts on Instagram. In one, she channeled her inner ’80s girl by posing with barbells and wearing high socks, big hair, hoop earrings, and sneakers along with her two-piece bikini. The theme continues throughout her next several posts. Ratajkowski explained in her Poosh interview that much of the new swimwear collection was inspired by the ’80s.

While many fans flocked to the model’s Instagram with excitement to see the new bikini photos, others questioned if she could do more with her account. Of course, Ratajkowski shrugged off the negativity and kept on using Instagram to make those sales.