YouTuber Logan Paul Asks Fans To Stop Showing Up At His House Unless They Want To Fight Him

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Logan Paul, a 24-year-old YouTube content creator, is no stranger to controversy. He has been critiqued by the public and even other celebrities for various comments and videos he’s made over the years. HuffPost even did a follow-up a year after one of his biggest controversies to date, getting his thoughts on the situation. Despite all the controversies, though, he remains a huge star. As of June 6, 2019, his YouTube channel, Logan Paul Vlogs, has 19,274,150 subscribers.

With a fanbase that size, and the fact that he vlogs about his personal life, it makes sense that fans would eventually start showing up at his house. Paul spoke about the phenomenon with TMZ, and the outlet reported that he had a unique response to the issue of fans arriving on his private property. Paul asked fans not to show up at his house and violate his privacy — unless, of course, they would agree to help him create a little additional content by getting into the boxing ring with him.

It seems like a strange request, but it comes from a real experience Paul had. One of his fellow YouTubers, ViktorCrazy, decided to camp out in front of Logan Paul’s house wearing an Ivan Drago costume. The costume was worn because ViktorCrazy wanted to go a few rounds with Paul in the boxing ring — and Paul consented. The two boxed, Paul ended up beating ViktorCrazy, and the whole thing led to a funny 16-minute vlog that fans absolutely loved. The video, which was entitled “Boxing A Stranger Who Showed Up At My House!,” received over 7.5 million views.

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While celebrities have had to deal with fans trespassing and failing to respect their privacy for decades now, the experience is slightly different for YouTubers. Many content creators who primarily vlog and share snippets of their daily lives on a regular basis often build fanbases who are very enthusiastic about their star of choice.

Paul’s fight against ViktorCrazy wasn’t the first time that he strapped on his boxing gloves and got in the ring. As BBC News reported, Paul participated in a match in 2018 with British YouTuber KSI in a pay-per-view fight that took place at Manchester Arena.

That particular fight ended in a draw, but clearly, Paul isn’t afraid to go a few rounds in the ring. Fans would likely tire of weekly boxing videos if all of Paul’s fans decide to start showing up at his house in boxing gloves, but as a once in a while idea, it could very well get millions of views, like his boxing video with ViktorCrazy did.