June 6, 2019
'Vanderpump Rules' Star Katie Maloney Poses In Swimsuit But Fans Weigh In On Tom Schwartz' Dad Bod

Tom Schwartz is taking one for the team! The Vanderpump Rules star posed with his wife, Katie Maloney, during a group trip to Miami to celebrate the bachelor/bachelorette party of their pals Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright. But for once, Schwartz received the brunt of the social media snark.

In an Instagram snap posted by Maloney, the married Vanderpump Rules stars are seen sneaking a smooch while standing on the deck of a boat. Katie is wearing a cut-out one-piece black bathing suit while her husband Schwartz sports matching Hawaiian print trunks and shirt.

While some Vanderpump Rules fans hit the comments section to compliment Katie Maloney's "booty" and to tell her that she looks "amazing," others zeroed in on Tom Schwartz' "dad bod."

"I thought it was Photoshop because Tom looking a little pudgy," one follower wrote.

Another Vanderpump Rules fan added, "Katie you look great. Your man looks a little Daddy."

It turns out Schwartz' dad bod was actually the result of a bad camera angle. Katie Maloney posted a second photo of her Bubba that showed off his outfit at a more flattering angle. While not everyone was a fan of Schwartz' floral-printed shorts set, several followers commented on the post with fire emojis as a testament to his "hotness."

Of course, in the past, Schwartz had joked about his "dad bod." An episode of Vanderpump Rules back in 2015 featured the young Bravo star at a modeling gig as he lifted up his shirt and admitted to the photographer that he had a dad bod. The following year, a fashion photographer goofed on Schwartz' dad bod as he modeled socks and underwear for a photo shoot.

While Tom Schwartz has no problem joking about his own body, he has zero tolerance for haters who target his wife Katie. Schwartz recently told Hollywood Life that he is "pretty disgusted by some of the things people say" about his wife online. While the TomTom co-owner admitted that the couple's reality TV fame leaves them wide open for commentary from social media trolls, he noted that this season the comments have become much more "toxic and seething."

"Yeah, our weight fluctuates here and there, who cares? We are healthy overall, work out all the time and feel good," Tom Schwartz said of himself and Katie Maloney. "We are happier than ever, chasing dreams and I love my beautiful wife. She's sexy, funny and I can't wait to spend the rest of our lives together."