German Model Maya Stepper Goes Topless In New Artistic Instagram Snapshots

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German model Maya Stepper is known for her sexy sense of style as well as her insane physique. To keep her followers engaged in her Instagram life, the model makes sure to post several snaps every week.

Despite being a Victoria’s Secret model, Maya doesn’t necessarily rely on growing her fan-base through her lingerie pictures. Instead, she shares all types of pictures with her fans which always become instant hits among her legions of followers.

On Wednesday evening, however, the model decided to post a series of topless pictures to titillate her fans and each one of her pictures gained significant traction on the photo-sharing website.

Wearing a pair of black trousers and accessorizing with some stunning jewelry from the brand Bagatiba, Maya let her blond tresses down, censored her breasts with her hands, and looked straight into the camera. In the second picture, the stunner struck a side pose, covered her eyes with her palms and, in the process, preserved her modesty with the help of her arms. Nonetheless, Maya exposed major underboob to tease her fans.

In the third picture, the model struck a front pose, lifted her chin up, and looked into the camera while she covered her breasts with her arms and tugged at her pants with one hand.

As all the pictures were monochromatic, it couldn’t be ascertained as to how much makeup she wore, but the move was deliberate as it highlighted her jewelry in a much better fashion. Per the caption, the artistic snapshots were captured by renowned New York-based fashion photographer, Jordan Keith.

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VICI | @jordenkeith x @bagatiba

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The three pictures amassed a total of 35,000 likes and 500 comments wherein fans and followers showered the hot model with various compliments, calling her “goddess,” “too beautiful,” “extremely sexy,” and “hotter than the hottest.”

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VIDI | @jordenkeith x @bagatiba

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“This photo shoot is everything. You are everything,” one of her fans commented on the second picture. While another one said that he is “truly in love with her.”

While most of the comments were positive and encouraging in nature, there were a few critical ones too. One person, for instance, wrote that Maya is too skinny, so much so that her ribs can be clearly seen, while another one said that she should eat something because young girls take inspiration from Instagram models and they have a responsibility to project healthy images.

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VENI | @jordenkeith x @bagatiba

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In an interview with C-Heads, Maya was asked about the most challenging aspect of the fashion industry. In response, she said the following.

“[The most challenging part of the fashion industry is] to stay true to yourself and accept that you will never be everyone’s choice and that’s a good thing because you are unique. Never forget that.”