Lindsay Lohan Is Naked On All Fours In Latest Instagram Photo

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Lindsay Lohan is flaunting her famous figure on social media, and her fans think she looks like Marilyn Monroe in her latest photo.

On Wednesday night, Lindsay Lohan took to her Instagram account to share a brand new, racy photo of herself. In the sexy snapshot, LiLo is posing seductively for the camera as she goes completely naked.

Lohan is seen on a cushion in front of a large curtain. The actress is down on her hands and knees and wears nothing but a pair of high-heeled shoes.

Lindsay also sports long, platinum blonde hair, which is parted down the middle and styled in soft curls that fall down her back and cascade over her shoulder, which drew her comparisons to Marilyn in the comment section.

The former Mean Girls star shows off her curvy, bare backside and bare chest in the photo. Her long, lean legs and toned arms are also on full display, as well as her flat tummy and toned abs.

Lohan appears to have darkened eyebrows and dark lip color in the black and white photograph. In the caption of the picture, she reveals that her fabulous figure is the result of a healthy lifestyle, but offers no other explanation for posting the risque picture.

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People Magazine recently reported that Lindsay Lohan is back in the studio and working on new music after releasing Speak 15 years ago and A Little More Personal (Raw) in 2005.

Lohan started off her career as a child actress, who starred in movies such as Life-Size and fan favorite film, The Parent Trap.

Recently, Lohan’s Parent Trap co-star, Dennis Quaid, gushed about her acting ability in the movie, per People.

In the film, Lindsay portrayed both of the main characters, Annie and Hallie, twins who were separated at birth by their parents and then meet up by chance and decide to switch places hoping to get their parents back together.

“She had me believing they were two different kids. She was a savant,” Quaid stated.

“She could just channel anything like that. Some people are like that and the rest of us have to work at it.”

The film earned Lindsay tons of praise from critics and eventually made about $66 million domestically and around $92 million worldwide.

The actress then moved on to do movies such as Mean Girls, Georgia Rule, Just My Luck, and many more before moving out of Hollywood and opening up her own beach club.

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