Kansas City Pummeled By Record-Breaking Snowstorms

Kansas City was hammered yesterday by a snowstorm that left two people dead and over 100,000 without power.

The Kansas City Star reports that a 58-year-old brother and 69-year-old sister were killed by monoxide poisoning from a gasoline-powered generator in their basement garage. Two small dogs were also killed by the gas.

Around 100 Kansas City International Airport flights were canceled. Local schools were closed, and police assisted over 30 stranded motorists.

The southern area of Kansas City was hit by the brunt of the storm and received snowfall reaching 12 inches in some places. The hardest hit areas were hit with up to 14 inches of snow. When combined with the snow from last Thursday, Kansas City has seen snow fall ranging from 16 to 25 inches in a single week. This is a massive amount for an area whose average amount of snow for an entire year is usually 18 inches.

The city was already on alert after Thursday’s snow and has managed to recuperate from the blizzard relatively quickly. According to Kansas City Public Media, the local NPR affiliate, power has already been restored to the vast majority of people, with under 14,000 still left in the dark. Snow has been cleared from major thoroughfares and interstates. Bus service is anticipated to operate at its normal schedule.


The snow left the region by yesterday evening, and, for now, the coast is clear.

“There is nothing on the horizon we can see that would bring another storm like these,” local meteorologist Andy Bailey told The Kansas City Star. “As we get into March, it gets less and less likely we’ll see these sorts of systems. Each day is another day closer to spring.”

The Weather Channel reports 30 degree weather in the region for the remainder of the work week. The snowstorm may be over, but Kansas City residents will have to live with the snow for quite some time.

[Images via The Kansas City Star]