June 5, 2019
'Below Deck Med' Chef Ben Has Doubts About The New Med Chef Mila

Even fans of Below Deck Med watched the first episode of the newest season and had significant concerns about the chef. Chef Mila Kolomeitseva comes with excellent credentials, but she got off to a very rocky start.

So imagine you are a chef yourself watching the show where the dinner looks like it's straight out of a school cafeteria. Bravo says that Chef Ben Robinson weighed in on the premiere episode and wondered what Chef Mila could have been thinking, serving corn from a can and microwaving the steaks.

The Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef got off to a rough start with food poisoning, which was beyond her control, but her demeanor and ability to work on a yacht set off some additional alarms, especially for Ben.

"First she's ill, now it's tacos... This may not be a healthy start to the season."
Robinson said he was "absolutely horrified" about what he saw go on down in the galley. People Magazine reports that aboard the Sirocco, this season's yacht, the food served is questionable at best, but so far, the guests don't seem to notice that there is Hidden Valley Ranch on their foie gras burgers and canned corn on the nachos.
Then there was the steak licking. Yes, the chef who just recovered from food poisoning was caught on camera licking the steaks that were to be served to the guests. If Captain Sandy was concerned about tacos, freshly licked steaks would surely upset her. Even one of the deckhands, fan favorite Colin Macy-O'Toole, expressed concern about the pedestrian menu.
"Pays 10s of thousands of dollars… gets Hidden Valley ranch on burgers."
Chief stewardess Hannah Ferrier expressed concern after seeing that dinner looked pretty basic, wondering if she should say something.
"In nine years of yachting, I've never refused to take a dish out. But I just cannot serve that to guests. It's disgusting."
Perhaps the key to everything is the mention of her credentials after the line "according to her resume," as a number of fans wondered if once again, someone with a fake or fudged CV was hired.

But it's possible that things could get even worse for the new Bravo cast member because on the tease for the next episode, Chef Mila expresses some homophobic views to the rest of the crew. She said that to see two men kissing isn't normal, and she wouldn't want her son to see that and think it's normal.