Rosanna Arkle Bares Booty In Nothing But Thong Bikini Bottoms On Instagram

Rosanna ArkleInstagram

New Zealand-born Instagram influencer Rosanna Arkle gave her fans something to talk about on Wednesday when she posted a photo of herself wearing nothing but a pair of white thong bikini bottoms. In the shot, the 30-year-old blond beauty is looking over her shoulder and sending a smoldering stare towards the camera, likely very aware at the time of the impact she’d have on her 4.6 million Instagram followers.

“You’re simply beautiful,” wrote one adoring fan before they added two heart emojis to their comment.

Others seemed to trip over their words in their eagerness to compliment Rosanna.

“Wow, very nice…beautiful, spectacular,” another clearly infatuated fan commented.

Posting revealing photos is nothing new for Rosanna. A couple of days ago, she posted a photo of herself in a pink lacy bra and panty set from the brand Pretty Little Things, likely a bit of sponsored content for the company. That post currently has over 50,000 likes and more than 800 comments. A couple of Instagram posts before that, she was lounging on the beach in a fiery red bikini, showing off the bronzed skin on her toned legs and midsection.

For Rosanna and other models like her, Instagram is their living and one that can be lucrative depending on the size of your following.

In 2017, Rosanna told Australia’s Gold Coast Bulletin that she can make up to to $3,000 AUS ($1393.37 USD) for one piece of sponsored content on Instagram. But she’s gained over a million followers since this interview so it’s highly possible that price has increased.

The model, who has appeared in Playboy and Sports Illustrated, was a bookkeeper and part-time model before her Instagram blew up. Her first taste of fame came when she and her roommates were offered roles on a reality show called The GC about Kiwi girls trying to make it big in Australia. Her large fanbase started off on Facebook first.

“My Facebook already had a large following from being on The GC but it was this one photo in a grey onesie that took me from 600k to more than one million followers basically overnight,” she recalled.

During the interview, she revealed that her social fame has given her lifestyle a huge boost.

“I’ve been able to do a heap of travel that I never thought I would,” she said.

“I bought my first home here on the Gold Coast, which was always a long-term goal, and social media has allowed me to go home and see my family in New Zealand as often as I want to.”