‘Southern Charm’s’ Cameran Teases That Her Husband Will Make An Appearance This Season

Paul CheneyNBC Universal

On Southern Charm, we’ve seen a lot of Cameran Eubanks, but little of her husband, Jason Wimberly, who opted out of being a reality television star from the beginning of the series six years ago. But now Cameran is teasing that the allusive Dr. Wimberly will finally be making his debut this season.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Cameran announced that she’s planning a surprise for fans of Southern Charm.

“Jason makes a cameo this season. I wore him down. Jason is a very private, very quiet person, and I convinced him to come to a group event, and I told him there would be a lot of people. You know, it’s not going to be focused on you.”

She says that it calmed his nerves that there will be other people there, and so he could be introduced to the pool in the warm, shallow end. Cameran, who was already a reality television pro, owing to her time on MTV’s The Real World, understood that nobody wants to see their anesthesiologist out partying, so perhaps it was best if he kept a low profile. But she admits that Jason is a Bravo superfan and actually loves the show and the network.

The couple’s adorable daughter, Palmer, is already a regular and practically a friend of the cast as she made her debut soon after her birth. Also appearing in a number of episodes is the neighbor dog Elvis, who hangs out with the family.

This season, Cameran is getting in the groove and learning what it’s like to be a working mom, figuring out that the struggle is real, and that sometimes, it feels like everyone is getting a percentage of you.

“I think being a mom and having a child, I’ve really learned what my priorities are, so I don’t have time for bulls**t. I don’t waste my time with friendships or situations that will be detrimental to my health.”

But while Cameran might have softened, she is still no-nonsense, saying that she’s still puzzled about why Thomas Ravenel’s ex-girlfriend would want to be on the show, reports The Inquisitr. Eubanks says she was “shocked” to see the hospice nurse back on the show, making an appearance at a house party and adding that it’s “kinda sad.”

Thomas Ravenel and his ex allegedly broke things off earlier this year. She moved back to California to further her career, but she will appear in at least two episodes this season.