Emily Ratajkowski Strikes A Suggestive Pose In A Tiny Thong Bikini

Emily Ratajkowski overwhelmed her fans today by releasing a ton of amazing new photos to promote her Inamorata Woman line. For a while, she was focused on sharing photos of her Inamorata Body products, which encompasses classically-inspired lingerie along with casual daywear. But now, it's back to her roots with a ton of new swimwear designs, which are sure to have people talking.

In one of the updates, Ratajkowski stunned in a leopard-print string bikini with thong bottoms. The photo offered a ton of movement and wow factor thanks to the way that the model chose to pose. She propped herself up on a white chair that had a very low back by placing her right knee on the seat and grabbing the chair with her hands. She arched her back to accentuate her curves, all while giving a sultry look to the camera over her left shoulder. Throughout the photoshoot, Emily rocked a 1980s-inspired wig, which had short wavy bangs in the front with long, wavy hair falling inches below her shoulders.

In addition, Emrata rocked a pair of neon yellow heels that added a pop of color. The photo was taken in front of a white backdrop, but colorful additions thanks to Photoshop took everything to another level. This included a strip of light purple on the left side of the photo along with a bright yellow light spot that matched her shoes.

Eagle-eyed fans knew to keep an eye out for the swimwear thanks to a couple of Instagram Stories. The first was a graphic edit of her in a polka-dot bikini. While most of the photo was obscured by green graphics, she teased that new photos were coming.

And while Emily has achieved a lot throughout her career, she's also known for being a vocal feminist. She opened up to InStyle about her career, including a time that she was less sure of her next steps. This was after she worked on Gone Girl.

"At the time I thought, 'I'm going to just make a bunch of money and then go back to school.' To be honest, I hadn't figured out that I had a real career on my hands. So I was like, 'OK, this person wants me to do this? Cool.' And then all of a sudden I realized that these projects are just not me. That's when I shifted toward more meaningful things."
"So I used Twitter to reinforce an idea that I've believed in forever which is that it's up to me to choose when and how I want to share my sexuality," she added, talking about her perceptions on sexuality and society.