June 5, 2019
Taco Bell's Shell Shortage Leads To 911 Call

A very hungry Taco Bell customer in Louisiana called the police after the taco chain's location ran out of shells.

According to a June 3 Facebook post by the Slidell Police Department in Louisiana, "Somebody called in to complain that the Taco Bell on Gause Boulevard ran out of both hard and soft taco shells."

"While this is truly a travesty, the police can't do anything about this," the department added.

They also stated that they hoped the supply of shells could be replenished in time for Taco Tuesday. It's unclear if the caller was arrested.

Slidell is on the northeast shore of Lake Pontchartrain, across the lake from New Orleans. Per Taco Bell's location map, there are two other Taco Bell locations in Slidell, only a few miles from the Gause Boulevard location, and another in nearby Pearl River.

In other Taco Bell 911 call news this week, an Ohio man called the cops to report that an employee had threatened him over his order. Per Cleveland 19, the caller reported that "one of the associates became extremely hostile and threatened to jump over the counter and fight me."

However, once police arrived they realized that the man who called them had an outstanding warrant after missing a pair of court appearances in relation to a speeding ticket, and he left the Taco Bell in the back of a police car. Furthermore, police deemed the report of a threat by the employee "unsubstantiated."

Back in 2011, a Florida man called 911 after Taco Bell wouldn't serve him tacos. Per Miami New Times the 50-year-old man, described as "drunk," was going through the Taco Bell drive-through on foot, which is not allowed at that particular location, so he was refused service.

Unlike his Louisiana counterpart eight years later, the man in the Florida case, according to a 911 call transcript, told police that it wasn't an emergency and added that he had purposely avoided bringing his car because he didn't want to drink and drive.

"You can't walk up, you've got to drive up," he said on the call, according to the newspaper. "You got a get a DUI to get a taco. I got the munchies and I walked a quarter mile from here. Are you going to help me out or do I have to get arrested to get home?"

The man in that case, who remained on the line for 11 minutes, was arrested on charges of misusing the 911 system.