Meghan McCain Cheers 'Brilliant Troll' Projection Of USS John McCain In London

A guerilla protest group projected an image of the USS John McCain on a London building while Donald Trump was visiting the UK this week, and Meghan McCain is all about it. The conservative commentator cheered the "brilliant troll," saying that the British people protest so much better than Americans do.

According to The Hill, The View co-host was discussing Trump's three-day state visit to Great Britain where he was met with demonstrations featuring thousands of people, a giant "baby Trump" balloon, and images projected onto the sides of prominent buildings in London.

Meghan said that both she and her mother got a kick out of the projections, one of which showed a red hat and the silhouette of the USS John McCain. While showing the audience an image of the projection, she praised the political statement.

"Its very entertaining the way British people troll, and they do it so much better than we do," she said.

"I love this so much. If you don't want Trump to go anywhere, in your house or in your event, just project a picture of this hat and he won't go there!"
The image was created by guerilla group Led By Donkeys, who is famous for their billboards protesting conservative leaders. Beyond the hat projection, the group also projected an image on the Tower of London comparing former President Barack Obama's favorability rating in the state compared to Trump's.

Another projection on the side of the National Gallery showed Obama's inauguration crowd size compared to Trump's crowd.

They also posted billboards showing conservative leaders in both the U.S. and the U.K. criticizing Trump.

The hat image was intended to poke fun at a recent incident where the military was asked to conceal the USS John McCain in order to avoid angering the president while he visited Japan recently.

Trump and McCain had a long-running feud, with the president repeatedly attacking McCain, mocking his service and political record.

Reportedly, the White House asked the navy to obscure the warship in order to make Trump's visit to the troops in Japan more smooth.

Trump said that he didn't know anything about the request to hide the ship, but that whoever did it probably had the best of intentions.

Trump has also dismissed the reports as "fake news," according to NBC.

"Here's the thing, I'm not even sure it happened — first of all, I didn't know anything about it," he said.

"Somebody said they're painting the ship and they have the tarpaulins and they're painting the ship.
"I have no idea if it happened, or not. I hear it's fake news," he added.