June 5, 2019
'Riverdale' Star Lili Reinhart Was Almost Kidnapped Into A Fake Uber

Riverdale star Lili Reinhart has dealt with kidnapping scenes in her hit television show, but the star confessed that it almost became a reality. Per The Daily Mail, the young starlet wrote on Twitter that she almost went into a stranger's car while under the impression that it was her Uber driver.

"PSA: I was just ushered to a car by someone posing to be an airport cab/Uber driver. I got to his car and there were absolutely no signs that he was a profession service driver. So I did NOT get into the car."
"Please pay attention and make smart decisions out there," the actress concluded.
"Seriously... please be careful out there. You don't have to be nice or worry about being rude. Trust your gut. It could save you."
Though Reinhart is most well-known for playing pretty blonde Betty Cooper on the CW show Riverdale, she was most recently cast in the movie Hustlers with Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B.

She has also gained fame for her real-life relationship with on-screen love interest Cole Sprouse. Though rumors of their romance had swirled since the show's inception, the two finally confirmed their relationship in 2018.

Meanwhile, the scam of the fake Uber driver is alarming because of its ubiquity and its incredible potential danger for unsuspecting passengers.

At airports, many of the fake ride share drivers hope to get passengers in their cars only to charge them exorbitant rates, according to CBS New York.

Taxi and Limousine Commissioner Meera Joshi explained that, for many people who get in the cars with these fake drivers, the price is advertised as one amount at the beginning of the trip but then jumps halfway through the journey. If those being driven protest, the driver will threaten to leave the passengers on the side of the road or call the police.

"That's an extremely scary experience," Joshi concluded.

In many cases, the drivers were charging passengers $78 plus tolls and tip for a ride that was supposed to cost $39 with tolls and tip included.

Uber New York general manager Jay Mohrer estimates that there are that there are 2,300 illegal trips to New York airports LaGuardia and John F. Kennedy International each week.

However, there have been darker turns with fake ride share drivers. Just last March, college student Samantha Josephson was killed after entering what she believed to be her Uber, per The New York Times.

To be safe, Uber reminds users to always check the make, color, and license plate of the car.