Elizabeth Hurley Rocks Hot Pink Bikini At 53, Flaunts Ample Cleavage And Sexy Curves

Dia DipasupilGetty Images

Elizabeth Hurley’s figure has been raising temperatures for decades now, and there is no sign of this changing anytime soon. The model and swimwear designer just shared a new jaw-dropping shot featuring a skimpy, bright pink bikini, and she shows what the age of 53 can look like with the right genetics and self-care.

Hurley often shares photos featuring her swimwear designs on her own personal Instagram page. However, in the case of the snap she shared Wednesday morning, the stunning shot was posted on the Instagram page created specifically for her Elizabeth Hurley Beach brand.

The page for the swimwear brand is closing in on 200,000 followers, a fraction of what Hurley personally has on her page. Liz has accrued 1.2 million fans on her regular Instagram and hardcore fans probably want to follow both so they don’t miss shots like this latest one.

This new snapshot features Hurley wearing a pretty traditional bikini style. It’s in a hot pink color and is the perfect set for showing off Liz’s eye-popping curves. The triangle bikini top appears to have ties at the neck and across the back. The bikini bottoms, with side ties, are small enough to show plenty of skin.

Liz was photographed kneeling on the sand near the ocean as she flaunted this look. Droplets of water were glistening on her smooth, tanned physique after a dip in the water, and the lighting was perfect for highlighting the 53-year-old model’s hourglass figure.

Hurley was looking down as she was photographed with her chestnut hair partially covering her face in a wind-blown style. This hot pink bikini exquisitely showcased Hurley’s shapely thighs and toned flat stomach. As is typically the case with any bikini Liz wears, there was plenty of cleavage revealed with this look, too.

No matter how many times Hurley posts a photo featuring one of her bikinis, her fans find themselves in awe of how stunning she looks. The comments on this latest look contained plenty of emoji along with notes about how gorgeous and beautiful Liz looked.

“It’s absolutely unbelievable how good you are looking,” said one fan.

Another declared, “You are a GODDESS among women!!!”

Women’s Health recently detailed that Hurley doesn’t follow any magical plan for staying in such incredible shape. She does Pilates and yoga, some squats, and takes long walks or hikes with her dogs. There’s no miracle eating plan for this stunner either, as Liz focuses on a clean and healthy diet.

Elizabeth Hurley’s swimwear brand does feature other models quite often in its promotion of the brand. However, it’s clear that nobody can show off the beauty of these bikinis like the 53-year-old model herself.