Shep Rose Is Spilling ‘Southern Charm’ Secrets In His New Podcast

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With his new podcast, ironically dubbed Enough About Me, Southern Charm star Shep Rose tempts his listener with some behind-the-veil tea from the Bravo series. In his latest episode, he has fellow Bravo cast member Cameran Eubanks as a guest to talk about some seemingly old news from the way back machine before Kathryn Dennis was a cast member.

Decider got a fly-on-the-wall view of the recording of Shep’s latest venture, which he launched by saying that once upon a time he thought he had a chance with Cameran because she was “flirtatious.” Before Whitney Sudler-Smith, the guru behind the production company Haymaker and the franchise, launched the Charleston version, he was testing cast members to see what kind of chemistry they might have for the series.

Shep says that Cam was admittedly already dating her now-husband Jason, but he still thought he had a chance.

“I remember we met… and I thought you were being flirtatious. You’re touchy and I had just met you.”

Cameran admits that she does that with everyone, but Rose says he didn’t know that then, and just thought the petite blonde was into him.

“I didn’t know that at the time. She’ll touch your shoulder, grab your arm, laugh at all your jokes. I’m like, this girl is lovely and maybe I got a shot here!”

Rose then admits that he gave his thumbs-up to having Cameran on the show simply because he thought he was in.

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Well folks, no one asked for it. And so I gave it to you! I started a podcast with my new friends at @podcastone they asked for a description and i came up with this: “This is a podcast that defies description. Mainly because it's too difficult for me to put into words. I'll be talking to athletes, teachers, soldiers, stunt men, myself, and circus clowns (ok, maybe not clowns) about their lives and mine. Of course, I'll also happily discuss this little show called SOUTHERN CHARM and have lots of fun with the fans. I want to dig into life and the world and basically get weird.” We’re also going to have an email address so you can send questions and a Voicemail which we encourage you to call while hammered. ???????????????? painting by @baileydesiree ???? and big thanks to @camwimberly1 for being my first guest ????????????

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While Shep continues serving fans the tea, it’s admittedly lukewarm and a bit stale, like those old Lipton bags in the spice cabinet, but still, it provides some perspective. He admits that current cast member Kathryn Dennis wasn’t initially on the show and really wanted to be, but the “powers that be” thought that at age 21, she was too young.

He transitions to talk of former castmate Landon Clements, who Shep refers to as an old friend. But Cameran wants to go deeper, asking if the two ever had any “hanky-panky?”

“Yes, but we just made out.”

Cameran gives up another secret and admits that Landon never lived on a boat, but instead lived with her sister, who is a hairdresser in town. Shep says that Landon lived with her sister because she didn’t have a place to stay, and the boat was a convenient ruse.

“She didn’t have a place to live, she was staying at her sister’s house and her sister had kids. Her sister was like, you are not filming here, which I totally respect and understand. She produced some sort of sailboat. It was harmless, it was funny though.”

But Shep includes one bit of information that is a bit awkward, and he doesn’t seem to understand why it might be seen as distasteful for some. At age 39, Rose admits he still sends his friends photos of his “hookups.” Cameran says that Shep sends her photos all of the time, but he says that’s only because she’s on that particular group chat.

“I send Whitney pictures, you’re just on the text chain.”