Sveta Bilyalova Goes Topless While Smoking A Cigarette & Cooking Eggs


Instagram model Sveta Bilyalova has been keeping her fans updated with a steady stream of bikini and workout photos, often sprinkling in unrelated videos and unexpected posts. In particular, her newest update is unlike most of her recent photos — showing her topless, in the middle of a breakfast scene. Sveta discussed the difference between artful nudity and vulgar nudity, her comments suggesting that the image is intended to be of the former.

In the photo, Sveta was spotted sitting on top of the kitchen counter. She casually placed her feet by the saucepan, one wherein she was cooking two eggs. The model held the pan with her left hand, holding a cigarette in her right hand. She accessorized with a couple of bracelets, including one that was placed by her left elbow and that hugged her arm. She wore her hair pulled back, and looked to her left. Meanwhile, in the background, her audience could see a blonde woman doing the dishes in a pair of gray underwear. The blonde woman’s back was facing the camera, so it was impossible to see her face — however, it was also apparent that she was topless, too. Despite only having been posted about an hour ago, this share has already garnered over 139,000 likes.

In addition, the model shared another photo five days ago that might have surprised fans. Sveta revealed that she received a baby goat after telling a friend’s parents that she had wanted one. The first photo of the series showed her cuddling with the animal, holding it in her arms. She wore a white crop top along with camouflage pants. A video followed the photo, and said video was a clip of her cuddling with the goat.

Additionally, fans may be interested to learn more about what inspires her Instagram feed, a topic which she discussed with Blasting News.

“I’ve always been passionate about experiencing new moments the world has to offer me. I love Instagram because it is a platform for discovery – traveling to new places and meeting unique individuals along the way has always been an inspiration for my content.”

“Social media has consumed so much of the entertainment space that I see myself/my brand growing and evolving with it, wherever it may go. Focusing my content on comedy, travel and technology are amongst my immediate goals,” added Sveta, who now boasts a follower count of over 6.2 million users on Instagram.