Brent Musburger Signs Poster Of Katherine Webb

Brent Musberger didn’t know it at the time but when he was making his “creepy” comments about Katherine Webb during the BCS National Championship game he was turning the former beauty queen into a reality star.

Webb landed on the pages of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, grabbed a Super Bowl reporting job, and will soon appear in a new reality show. And now it looks like Musberger himself is ready to cash in on Webb’s popularity by signing posters of the star.

Musberger was criticized for focusing on Webb’s beauty during the BCS Championship Game. The reporter probably should have been commenting more on Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron, but he dedicated plenty of time to the QB’s girlfriend in the stands.

But it looks like everything is working out for the best. Webb said that she wasn’t “bothered at all” by Musberger’s comments, and now she’s been able to turn that brief 15-minutes of fame into a fledgling career as a reality star.

Musberger has also moved on from the incident and apparently has a pretty good sense of humor about it too.

On Monday night, the announcer took a break during the Kansas-Iowa state basketball game in order to sign a poster for a fan. That poster, of course, was of Katherine Webb.

Musburger signed his name and then added “She’s a 10!”

katherine webb poster