Ayesha Curry Targeted By Sexist Trolls, Fan Uses Vulgar ‘FHRITP’ Catchphrase To Threaten Her On Live TV

Emma McIntyreGetty Images

As the NBA Finals heated up, Ayesha Curry, the wife of Golden State Warriors player Steph Curry, was facing a battle of her own. The chef and TV personality was attacked by a troll who made a vulgar and sexist comment that crossed the line from awful to downright disgusting, forcing the police to get involved.

On Sunday after an intense game between the Toronto Raptors and Golden State Warriors, one reporter was speaking to fans about the game, which saw the Warriors beat the Raptors 109-104. One man, Tristian Warkentin, yelled into the camera to attack Curry, according to Global News.

“I just wanted to let everyone know: Ayesha Curry, we’re going to f**k her in the p***y,” he said.

Toronto police are investigating the comments, though they declined to release any details until the investigation is complete.

Warkentin, on the other hand, expressed remorse for his comments.

“I’m not in a position to defend myself in terms of what happened. I am sure you understand the influence of alcohol,” he told the Toronto Sun. “What I did was disgraceful; it was an alcohol-influenced situation.”

The Ottowa salesman also said that he wants to apologize to the Currys and the city.

“What I am trying to do is maybe reach out to Mr. and Mrs. Curry and that’s realistically who I feel I owe an apology to – and maybe Toronto,” he said.

He added that he doesn’t remember being at the game but he feels responsible for his behavior.

The reporter who interviewed Warkentin, Kelly Linehan, filed a formal complaint against the man, but no charges have been filed. Warkentin says his lawyer advised him that he hasn’t violated any criminal code with his behavior.

It’s not the first time Curry has faced misogynist attacks. In 2016, fans photoshopped images of her and her husband that show her in wedding photos with rival team players. They also altered images of her and her family in a similar way. Curry called the photos an insult not only to her but to the rival players and their families.

In another incident, an ESPN commentator compared Curry to another NBA player’s wife, saying that the wife didn’t call attention to herself or try to get more attention than her husband, unlike Curry, who the commentator claimed put her own emotions ahead of her husband’s reputation.

One expert weighed in on the sexist trolling, saying that some people feel the need to assert “dominance and authority” over women by harassing them.