Beth Chapman Says She’s In ‘Facebook Jail’, Asks Fans To Promote ‘Dog’s Most Wanted’ On Her Behalf

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

Beth Chapman is asking social media users to promote her new WGN America show, Dog’s Most Wanted, on her behalf, because she’s in, as she puts it, “Facebook jail.”

As Pop Culture reports, Beth took another one social media platform, Twitter, to announce that she’s been (temporarily or otherwise) suspended from Facebook. The timing couldn’t have been worse, as the Chicago “superstation” just released publicity photos and a new trailer for the upcoming show. That would mean that it’s the perfect time for Beth to promote her new project on social media.

Unfortunately, she and Facebook aren’t seeing eye-to-eye at the moment. In a Twitter post, Chapman described being locked out of Facebook, as well as Instagram (which she refers to as “ig” in her tweet), although she didn’t say why or for how long.

“Guys I’m in Facebook jail twitter jail ig jail you name im in it in #DogsMostWanted fashion please keep retweeting @wgnamerica posts about our new show and I’ll be back as soon as zuckerberg realizes I’m only in jail cause I’m poor???? I didn’t really call that #b***h out!”

As for her reference to being “poor,” it’s not clear what that’s about, as she and Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman have certainly made plenty of money for their A&E and WGN TV shows, as well as endorsements, speaking engagements, and their careers as bail-bondsmen. What’s more, Facebook doesn’t charge users money, so it’s not like there’s a bill she wasn’t able to pay.

As for what she means by “call that b***h out,” that’s not clear either. She may well be referring to a hater, who then reported her for “abusive” behavior after Beth “called her out,” or she may have been referring to an ongoing feud between herself and her stepdaughter, Lyssa Chapman. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the two shared some back-and-forth with each other in the days and weeks following Mother’s Day, with Beth accusing her stepdaughter of having ignored her on that day.

As for the new trailer for the show, it’s only available on WGN America‘s website. In it, Dog tells the camera that even though his wife is battling cancer, she’s been spending her days out on the streets, hunting down criminals.

It’s still unclear when WGN America will actually start airing Dog’s Most Wanted. No official release date has been announced, and on the station’s website, all references to the show say that it’s “coming soon.”