Miley Cyrus ‘Can’t Be Grabbed’, Uses Footage Of Groping Fan To Respond

Jon KopaloffGetty Images

Miley Cyrus has finally spoken out about the man who groped her over the weekend. The She Is Coming singer was in Barcelona, Spain, when a male fan grabbed her, groped her, and kissed her neck. As The Guardian reported on June 5, the 26-year-old took to Twitter to open up about the incident. The singer’s tweet included footage of the attack caught on camera. Her words didn’t hold back.

“She can be wearing what she wants. She can be a virgin. She can be sleeping with 5 different people. She can be with her husband. She can be with her girlfriend. She can be naked. She CAN’T be grabbed without her consent. #DontF*ckWithMyFreedom.”

Footage of the attack (seen below) shows the star leaving her hotel with husband Liam Hemsworth. As Miley made her way through the crowd waiting for her, she was singled out by a male fan, who forcibly pounced on the singer before physically assaulting her. Miley was seen trying to avoid the fan and breaking free from his grasp. Further attempts to protect Miley came from Hemsworth and the “Wrecking Ball” singer’s security.

The “#Don’tF**kWithMyFreedom” part of Cyrus’ tweet is a lyric from “Mother’s Daughter,” a track on her new album. Whether or not Miley used all caps on the word “can’t” to echo her album’s title isn’t clear – it’s quite possible that they were used for emphasis.

Miley’s Tweet extended the concept of feminine freedom to channel her mentalities of open-mindedness and acceptance. For Miley, being “grabbed” without consent is off the table regardless of a person’s virginity, marital status, sexual habits or orientation, or nudity.

Miley’s groping attack made global headlines the moment blurry footage of the incident was posted to Twitter. While the video quickly became a hot topic among fans and feminine rights activists, Cyrus herself had stayed silent. Her tweet marks the star’s first response.

Once a teen icon thanks to her role on Hannah Montana, Cyrus has since grown out of her sweetheart pop image. The singer is now 26 years old, married, and known for her highly sexualized image. That said, many fans would consider Miley’s raunchy poses and revealing outfits as an expression of her sexuality, as opposed to mere attempts to use sex appeal for fame. Promotion for She Is Coming has seen Miley squeeze fruit suggestively, pose with a banana in her mouth, and flaunt her abs, with her body covered in fruit stains. While sexual, the promotion has stayed true to Cyrus’ identity.

Miley’s latest tweet confirms that she won’t just sit back and accept injustice.