Paris Jackson Claps Back After Troll Claims Dad Michael Jackson Would Be ‘Ashamed’ Of Her

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Paris Jackson is epically hitting back after a troll claimed that her late dad Michael Jackson would be “ashamed” of her for smoking pot. Paris didn’t waste much time clapping back at the hater on social media this week after they viciously referred to her in a message posted to Twitter as a “degenerate” and a “druggie.”

Per a new report from Yahoo, after Jackson spoke out on the social media site about smoking marijuana on June 4, the hater responded by tweeting, “Druggie. I bet you do meth too. Your dad must be ashamed of you. Degenerate.”

Twenty-one-year-old Paris then responded by writing on the social media site, “because an organic medicinal plant from mother earth with dozens of healing properties that is legal where i live and used to help suffering people around the world = meth.”

She then went on to explain that the substance had actually been prescribed to her to help her battle depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and insomnia while also describing it as being “this incredible medicine from the earth.”

Another Twitter user then chimed in after seeing Jackson’s clap back, suggesting that they didn’t think the late Michael would be too happy about his daughter smoking pot while telling her to instead be “strong from the inside.”

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Paris — who’s currently dating her The Soundflowers bandmate Gabriel Glenn — then replied to the social media user, claiming that she actually doesn’t think her late dad would have any issues with what she’s doing if he were still alive. The legendary performer passed away a decade ago in 2009.

“He actually didn’t have a problem with it. i didn’t when i was younger obvs but i really doubt he would have a problem with me doing it now, especially as an adult,” she said of the late Michael.

“A very good dr prescribed it to me and it has helped me with my mental issues alot, including helping me find peace,” the model then added in her response.

This certainly isn’t the first time Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe’s daughter has spoken out about smoking pot, though.

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As reported by Yahoo!, last year, fans accused the star of glamorizing drug use after she shared several smoking videos to her Instagram Stories account after the use of recreational marijuana was made legal in California.

The site claimed that some of Paris’ followers made it clear that they weren’t exactly thrilled with the actress when it came to the controversial drug-related content, with some accusing her of being a bad role model for her younger fans for so openly documenting her drug use via her social media.