‘Harry Potter’ Star Emma Watson Shows Skin In A White Bikini In Mexico

Pascal Le SegretainGetty Images

Harry Potter actress Emma Watson was flashing some skin in a two-piece during a sunny trip to Mexico this week. The Daily Mail shared candid new photos of the star showing off her long legs and toned middle while enjoying some downtime in Cabo San Lucas on June 4, as she stunned in a white bikini.

The 29-year-old star, who recently flexed her acting muscles by playing Belle in Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast, revealed her toned figure in the light two-piece whilst south of the U.S. border, as she shielded her eyes from the sun with a pair of dark shades.

Watson was flashing her toned middle in her cute and basic bikini look — she had her long brunette hair tied up away from her face while doing some sunbathing on a sun lounger.

The star’s fun swimwear look was made up of a crop-top style bikini top, which she paired with a slightly skimpier pair of white bikini bottoms for her relaxing day outside.

As for how she got the amazing body – including the flat and toned tummy she was showing off in the Mexican sunshine this week — Emma’s trainer previously spoke out about her workout routine.

Per Elite Daily, her trainer Emily Drew revealed that she trains Watson using the “Three S’s,” stretching, strength, and stillness.

“The workouts are approximately 30 minutes in duration, need little equipment, and are perfectly balanced,” Drew shared of how she keeps the star active and helps her to maintain the amazing body she was proudly revealing during her vacation this week.

The stretching portion of the workout is designed to help with Emma’s posture, while the strength exercises are made up of leg, cardio, and abs routines.

Watson — who boasts almost 51 million followers on Instagram — has also been open about what goes into helping her to look so good, previously revealing that she prefers to use all-natural beauty products when she can, but sometimes struggles to find everything she needs without too many harsh chemicals.

“The majority of the things I buy I try to have chemical-free as much as possible, but there are some things which you just can’t find,” Emma said of her beauty routine, per Well + Good. “Like a natural, waterproof mascara. But I’m trying!”

The actress has also been a big advocate for self-care, previously sharing that she meditates to keep her life feeling more balanced.

“I am [big into self-care]. Meditation’s been very good,” Watson revealed. “I’m a big bath girl. I take a bath every day; that’s definitely part of my self-care.”