Miley Cyrus Drags Author Of Critical Review Of Her New Album, ‘She Is Coming’

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Actress and singer Miley Cyrus’s newest album, She is Coming, a six-track EP that features some of her edgiest hits yet, dropped on Friday night to the delight of her millions of fans all over the world. She Is Coming is the first of three EPs that will come together to form a full-length album. She Is Here and She Is Everything will be released at separate intervals throughout the rest of the year.

While the six-track EP has been download thousands of times since its debut, not everyone has been a fan of the “Wrecking Ball” singer’s newest project. Sydney Gore, an author for publication Highsnobiety, wrote a scathing review of the new album, naming her piece, “Miley Cyrus’ ‘She Is Coming’ Is a Directionless Hot Mess Express.”

Needless to say, Miley did not take kindly to Gore’s thoughts about She is Coming, and took to Twitter on Tuesday to post some NSFW tweets in response to some of Gore’s comments, reported USA Today.

Gore’s called the entire project “flaccid,” and referred to the album as “rusty and honestly should not have come out of the studio in this condition.” The author was also not a huge fan of the singer herself, writing that “her white privilege is on, dare I say, a nuclear level,” and adding, “there’s not even the slightest sign of a genuine connection on any of these tracks.”

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Miley hit back at the reviewer in tweets, which included screenshots of the review in question.

“Lol. I finally found a (expletive) review of SHE IS COMING. Ps my moms name is Tish. #DoYourResearch,” she wrote in one tweet.

In the review, Gore had misspelled the singer’s mother’s name as Trish instead of Tish.

Another tweet acknowledged that Gore had at least included a link for readers to check out the new album.

“(Ps thanks for putting buy/stream link at the end of your (expletive) article / although I’m pretty sure everyone has bought and streamed. but I’m sure it was helpful for those who are as out of touch as you are)”

Highsnobiety released a statement about Miley’s attacks towards the writer of the review, in which they stood by Gore and apologized for the misprint of Tish’s name.

For anyone who hasn’t yet listened to the album, the six tracks include “Mother’s Daughter,” “Unholy,” “D.R.E.A.M.” (which stands for Drugs Rule Everything Around Me), “Cattitude,” featuring RuPaul, “Party Up the Street,” and “The Most.”