Kelsey Merritt Rocks Sheer Lingerie & Flaunts Her Booty On Instagram

Noam GalaiGetty Images

Kelsey Merritt is having an amazing year. Not only did she take part in the Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition, but she also has been enjoying increased attention since her debut on the Victoria’s Secret catwalk in late 2018. As of late, Kelsey has also been spotted in a variety of Victoria’s Secret social media posts, including their newest update that shows Merritt in a light blue ensemble. The model was spotted posing outdoors in front of white fabric with tassels, as she faced her back to the camera. The lingerie bottoms she wore were sheer, leaving little to the imagination. Meanwhile, her matching bra had lace accents in a razorback style. Her makeup looked very natural, and she wore her hair down in loose waves. Since the photo was posted 10 hours ago, it has received over 117,000 likes.

Meanwhile, the model is keeping her fans updated through a series of personal social media posts too. This includes several Instagram Stories, many of which show her in various Victoria’s Secret lingerie. Kelsey was spotted in a blank tank and thong bottoms, a polka dot thong, and a simple camisole and panties combo. It’s clear that she’s excited about unveiling the new photos, and it’s no wonder, as she looked absolutely great in all of the shots.

In addition, Kelsey was spotted in a video featuring Zac Efron and other Victoria’s Secret models. She shared a collage from what appears to be the shoot, which included a group photo and a closeup shot of the group in action. The still shot showed the models all looking great in a variety of workout gear, as Kelsey appeared to rock a light ensemble consisting of a bralette and super tight leggings.

The model previously received media attention, not just for her accomplishment in being part of the VS Fashion Show, but also due to the backlash based on race. She opened up about this to Teen Vogue.

“I would love to see not just more Filipino but also more Southeast Asian models in the fashion industry. If you ever visit the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and other countries, the women are so beautiful and charismatic. With Crazy Rich Asians being such a big hit, I am hoping the industry picks up more and more on the richness and culture of my people.”

“People will always have their opinion of you despite of who you are. I would love to tell them that I am just me,” she added.