Kylie Jenner’s Kylie Skin Rumoured To Be Launching A Summer Food Truck

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Kylie Jenner grew up in the public eye as one of the stars on her family’s reality television show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. She was determined to start a few ventures of her own, though, and eventually launched Kylie Cosmetics. In May 2019, Kylie expanded her personal empire once more with the launch of Kylie Skin, a skincare brand.

The first few posts about the brand on her Instagram account got millions of likes, and the packaging and general vibe are definitely super Insta-friendly. While Kylie has many fans who would support just about any project she embarked upon, the make-up mogul is rumored to have a seasonal plan for promoting her new launch. As Us Magazine reports, Kylie revealed a bit about her marketing plan in a “day in the life” vlog that she shared on her YouTube channel. Kylie commented, “I, for sure, want to do a Kylie Skin summer truck…[I want to serve] soft-serve ice cream, iced coffee and pink lemonade.” She also shared that she wanted the hybrid food truck and skin-care spot to have “super cute summer vibes.”

While pairing food and skincare may not seem super obvious, Kylie has already proven she knows what to do with the concept.

At the launch of her newest brand, Kylie served guests food that tied into the skincare product’s packaging — all pink everything. There was pink sushi to match the all pink decor, guests sipped pink cocktails and more.

Kylie hasn’t revealed more about the food truck idea quite yet, but the launch party for the brand gives fans a good idea of what it might look like. Kylie is obviously committed to pastel packaging and a certain aesthetic for her new brand. The Insta-savvy star also clearly knows the appeal social media has, and the ability it has to successfully launch a brand.

In the vlog in which she let her creative brainstorming about the food truck slip, Kylie also shared thoughts on balancing her life as the head of her beauty empire with her life as a mom.

“It’s hard to manage mom life and work life sometimes, so that’s why I made her [Stormi] a bedroom here [at her office] so she could be with me and still have fun… Stormi is in all my meetings.”

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Kylie also rocked pink outfits throughout the entire vlog, which could potentially be another clue about the future of her brand. It seems that the rosy hue just might be a major part of the brand’s identity and any future plans.