Fans Think Elizabeth Hurley Is Aging In Reverse In Stunning New Instagram Shot

Jamie McCarthyGetty Images

It’s hard to believe that Elizabeth Hurley is already 53-years-old!

As fans of the brunette beauty know, Hurley doesn’t look a day over 30. The actress regularly posts bikini-clad photos to promote her swimsuit line, Elizabeth Hurley Beach, as well as plenty of other stunning photos for her 1.2 million followers on Instagram. In the most recent image posted to her account, the 53-year-old looks absolutely stunning in an incredibly up-close and personal photo.

In the selfie, Liz is all smiles as she looks into the camera while holding a gorgeous bouquet of pink and white flowers. The stunner is wearing a face full of makeup in the photo complete with eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipgloss, and mascara. She wears her highlighted tresses down and curly in the image and her beautiful shirt is adorned with flowers, matching the bouquet that she is holding in her hands.

Since the post went live on her account earlier today, Hurley has earned a ton of attention from her loyal followers with over 18,000 likes and well over 150 comments. Some fans took to the post to gush over how gorgeous the mother of one always looks in all of her photos while countless others took to the post to let Elizabeth know that it looks like she is aging in reverse.

“Time is very kind to you Elizabeth you look amazing,” one follower commented on the post.


“Honestly Elizabeth, one of the most beautiful woman in the world… my heart stops for a bit with each photo,” another fan chimed in.

It comes as no shock that in many of her interviews, Elizabeth is asked about her wellness routine. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, the actress chatted about what she does to keep looking so amazing. But surprisingly, Hurley confessed that there is not really a secret to her routine but rather she just does the obvious.

“I don’t think there is any secret, really, is there? We all know, it’s not going to bed too late, not drinking too much alcohol, eating lots of vegetables, all those sorts of things.”

The supermodel has also opened up about her love life a lot over the past few years. In an interview with Fox News, Hurley confessed that she would love to fall in love with someone “wonderful,” but she has enjoyed the last few years of being single.

“It’s made me realize how important it is to find someone who shares similar tastes. I think that’s because I’ve had some time to do entirely what I want to do,” she dished.

Fans can follow all of Hurley’s sizzling updates on her Instagram account.