Spoilers For ‘The Young And The Restless’: Kyle Struggles To Control His Impulses

Johnny VyCBS

New The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal that Kyle struggles to control his impulses after Summer shows up to Billy and Victoria’s recommitment ceremony with her new man Theo.

Ever since Kyle (Michael Mealor) broke his promise to Summer (Hunter King), she’s tried whatever she could to win him back. In exchange for saving Lola’s (Sasha Calle) life with a partial liver donation, Kyle promised to marry Summer and give her an entire year of his time. Shortly after Lola woke up, Kyle ended up dumping Summer and moving forward in a relationship with Lola.

Summer tried to get to Kyle through working at Jabot. She arranged a business trip for them to New York City alone during a time when Lola couldn’t possibly leave Society, but Kyle stayed strong and rushed back to Genoa City to spend time with his favorite chef. Then, Summer complained to Jack (Peter Bergman) about Kyle’s work ethic, and still, Kyle stayed strong against Summer’s come-ons. Every chance she gets, Summer points out what a great team she and Kyle are, but for Kyle, his only partner is Lola.

To up her game, now Summer is seeing Theo (Tyler Johnson), who was Kyle’s associate and who is working with Jabot on its social media influencer campaign. According to SheKnows Soaps, after one drunken night together, Summer invites Theo to the small recommitment ceremony, and of course, Kyle is there too, supporting his Uncle Billy.

Summer’s move rattles Kyle a bit since he didn’t expect to see her there with a date. Nick (Joshua Morrow) also isn’t thrilled with the stunt that Summer pulled at such an intimate family event. Summer declares she’s merely having fun, but those who know her best realize she likely has some ulterior motives for pulling such a stunt.

As for Kyle, he seems to want to quickly make things with Lola even more official. They recently moved in together and celebrated the one week anniversary of their cohabitation. Now, Kyle is overcome by the love that Billy and Victoria show, or perhaps Summer rattled him more than he cares to admit, and he proposes to Lola. Using a twisted piece of paper tied around her finger, Kyle impulsively expresses his desire to make things official. He doesn’t want anyone or anything to come between them ever again. The Inquisitr reported that Kyle’s rash proposal takes Lola entirely by surprise, and she’s not so sure she’s ready to be married.