Chrissy Teigen Lashes Out At Instagram User Who Mocks Baby Luna’s hair

Theo WargoGetty Images

Chrissy Teigen has never avoided saying what’s on her mind, whether she’s in person or on social media, so when someone had something to say about her toddler daughter, Luna, in Instagram, Teigen was ready to clap back.

The Daily Mail says that on Tuesday, someone on Instagram commented that Teigen’s daughter with singer John Legend wasn’t styling her hair up to their standards. Chrissy Teigen included a post on Instagram where Luna, 3, had her hair slicked back, and the social media troll thought this was an improvement.

“Finally someone Brushed her Hair [LAUGH CRYING EMOJIS].”

Teigen clapped back saying that Luna did her hair all by herself, so maybe she could come over to do the woman’s makeup. The person then quickly deactivated their Instagram account in response to being put in her place by the mother of two.

Teigen then included a video where Luna is negotiating with her parents to get more candy. While her mom is getting ready to oversee a new show about small claims court, it’s clear that Luna is the judge of the “candy court.” The model mom asks Luna to tell her why she deserves more candy, and the little girl pleads her case.

“I want the candy because I want it and because I like it.”

Teigen asks Luna what she’s going to do if she gets the candy, and the little girl responds, “eat it!”

“No I mean are you going to be good? Are you not going to scream during your sleep?”

Luna says she’ll be good, but tells her mom that she wants three pieces of candy to carry this plan out.

Chrissy Teigen showed that she can be a mama bear, she can be fun and she can also be incredibly honest with her fans. Recently, she took a spill down some stairs at home and ended up with a huge bruise on her thigh, The Inquisitr previously shared. The swimsuit model, host, and mom joked that it’s shocking that it took so long, adding, “I finally fell down my stairs yesterday. Can’t believe it didn’t happen sooner.”

Teigen included photos of a giant bruise on her thigh as she reclined on her sofa wrapped in her bathrobe. Fans love Chrissy Teigen and John Legend because they are willing to share almost everything as long as it won’t embarrass each other or their kids later.

“There’s nothing that happens that we really feel we can’t post. We don’t want to post pictures of the kids that they may see in ten years and be embarrassed by, but that’s it.”