Donald Trump’s Uninvited Children Posed For Buckingham Palace Photo In Front Of ‘No Photography’ Sign

David Rose - WPA/PoolGetty Images

When it comes to Donald Trump’s adult children inside Buckingham Palace, all rules are apparently off.

A viral picture showed the well-dressed but also very uninvited adult children of the American president posing inside the royal palace in London — directly in front of what appeared to be a sign that read “NO PHOTOGRAPHY IN THIS AREA PLEASE.” The picture had been shared by many online, including many supporters of Trump, to show off the elegant-looking family members as they prepared for the start of the formal reception in their father’s honor.

The picture soon captured viral attention online, largely for the apparent rule flaunting by the Trump crew. The “NO PHOTOGRAPHY” sign was partially obscured by Tiffany Trump, so there was some debate as to whether it said no photographs were allowed in that area or inside, but there didn’t appear to be enough room on the sign to warn against photos inside of the unseen room behind the door.

It was not clear who took the photograph, or if the Trump children would have had any say in where it was taken, but the viral photo led to plenty of criticism against the children who had not actually been invited to take part in their father’s state visit. As CNN noted, Trump’s adult children tagged along to the state visit, showing up to the Buckingham Palace ballroom for the formal meeting with the royal family.

As the report noted, Queen Elizabeth II had extended an invitation to President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump, but the American president also brought along two of his five children and two of their spouses. Two of those — daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner — serve as top advisers to the president, but had not gotten a formal invitation to attend.

As CNN noted, it appeared to be a concerted effort on the part of the Trump family to pass themselves off as “American royalty.” Trump hinted as much in an interview with The Sun, saying he wanted his adult children to hold a “next generation” meeting with Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry (Meghan Markle, who Trump had called “nasty” earlier in the week, did not attend).

“I think my children will be meeting them,” said Trump. “It would be nice.”

The CNN report noted that there were no plans for Donald Trump’s children to take part in any sit-down meetings with the royal family.