Lisa Vanderpump Reacts To Brandi Glanville’s Return To ‘RHOBH’ On Twitter, Says She’s Had ‘Enough’

Nicole WeingartBravo

Lisa Vanderpump is letting her feelings about Brandi Glanville be known ahead of Glanville’s upcoming return to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Hours before the new episode is set to air, Vanderpump took to her Twitter page, where she re-tweeted a message from a fan who slammed Bravo TV’s decision to use Glanville’s hateful words towards Vanderpump to promote the series.

In the tweet, the fan wrote directly to Bravo TV, asking the network if their airing of a clip in which Glanville is seen calling Vanderpump the devil was meant to boost the series’ ratings before proclaiming that they are no longer tuning in to the show due to the ongoing vulgarity that is being shown.

In response to the fan’s message, Vanderpump suggested she has had enough of the vulgarity as well.

“Ok…well I think that’s enough for me….Finally,” she wrote to the fan, also adding a “Good morning” message.

As fans have likely noticed, Glanville will be making her return to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills during tonight’s new episode of Season 9 after being fired from her full-time role on the show after Season 5.

Although Vanderpump and Glanville formed a friendship after Glanville joined the cast for Season 2, their relationship took a turn for the worse during Season 4 after Glanville suggested Vanderpump was manipulating certain cast members, and during Season 5, they came to blows during a cast trip to Amsterdam.

During the trip, Glanville joked about re-enacting a scene from The Love Boat and gave Vanderpump what she deemed a “love tap.” However, Vanderpump and many others were offended by what others deemed a slap and ultimately, the women’s friendship was forever broken.

While many have felt that Vanderpump and Glanville could mend their friendship, Vanderpump has suggested otherwise during a number of interviews. And, judging by her latest series of tweets, she has no intentions of ever being on good terms with Glanville again.

Despite her current estrangement from Vanderpump, Glanville appears to be on good terms with a number of the show’s other stars, including the series’ newest cast member, Denise Richards, who she filmed a scene with for Season 9, and Kyle Richards, who recently confirmed she and Glanville were no longer at odds with one another.

To see more of Vanderpump, Glanville, and their co-stars, don’t miss new episodes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 9 on Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.