Baby Trump Balloon Is Stabbed In London By A Pro-Trump Supporter

Kena BetancurGetty Images

One of the Trump baby blimps being flown at today’s protest has been stabbed in London by a woman with a knife who also managed to cut herself.

The Independent is reporting that a woman approached a group of protesters outside the House of Commons and stabbed one of the mini Trump baby balloons used to rebel against the U.K. visit of the American president. A team of “babysitters” was looking after the balloon, but the woman still managed to stab it in the back.

A spokesman for the group said they weren’t surprised by the attack.

“A woman … punctured the mini Trump baby replica with a sharp object. It’s not surprising that the far right would want to meet freedom of expression with violence.”

A Scotland Yard spokesman said that the Trump supporter was led away by uniformed officers and was arrested, saying, “one female has been arrested for being in possession of a pointed or bladed article.”

The Daily Beast reports that the 20-foot balloon was being flown on Tuesday with the permission of London Mayor Sadiq Khan when the woman with the sharp object started yelling.

“I’m going in! Did it! That’s a disgrace! It’s a national disgrace! The President of the United States is the best president ever.”

The Hill has confirmed that the woman arrested is a British citizen named Amy Dallamura, known as “Based Amy.” Mura posted a video of herself attacking the balloon on Twitter, asking the protesters to see what she’s doing, saying, “I think Donald Trump’s balloon is not very well. I think it’s going down rapidly for a reason.”

Mura, or Based Amy, has had problems with the law before back in 2007 when her “cries for help” cost rescue services over $1 million by throwing herself into the sea at several locations around Britain’s coast. BBC News confirms that Mura is banned from being within 50 meters of the sea surrounding the British coast by police.

Police say that Amy Beth Dallamura of Aberystwyth is considered suicidal, and as a condition of her bail, was banned from going near the coastline in 2007.

The last rescue required her to be airlifted to the hospital after being plucked out of the sea. Two lifeboats came to her rescue and found her on the rocks suffering from hypothermia.

The Daily Mail reports that Dallamura is a supporter of a man who calls himself Tommy Robinson (aka Stephen Yaxley-Lennon), who is an anti-Islam activist who stages marches around London.