Model Belle Lucia Stuns With Pregnant Bikini Snap Showing Off Her Super Slim Body

Belle LuciaInstagram

Australian model Belle Lucia stunned her 1.5-million Instagram followers with a sexy bikini photo that shows how amazing she looks six months into her pregnancy. The Daily Star reports that the 22-year-old’s recent photo shows her enjoying time at the spa in a black bikini during her time at the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel in London.

“Dam I’ve never seen someone pregnant with a belly that flat, it’s hard to believe there is even a baby in there?! You’re so lucky,” one fan wrote.

“Absolutely GORGEOUS,” said another.

“You are so gorgeous and being pregnant you look even prettier! Enjoy the journey,” another fan chimed in.

Lucia said that she’s had the desire to swim every since her pregnancy, and laments the fact that she can’t hop into the ocean at any time — as she could when she lived in Australia.

Yet despite the many positive comments, Lucia previously said that she has been attacked and body shamed for her pregnant appearance, with some saying she looks too skinny and others accusing her of lying about her pregnancy.

“People have accused me of faking my pregnancy (or said) they think the baby is dead,” she told the Daily Star in an interview.

“Shockingly a mother even said I was a bad example to other women because I’m not big enough, others have told me I’m starving the baby and I’m unhealthy.”

The model claims that people criticizing her from their computers don’t realize that pregnant women have no control over their bump.

“Bumps come in all shapes and sizes…”

She added that some women have a retroverted uterus, which means that baby grows in the backward direction and also highlights that women that have had previous pregnancies are more likely to show a bump earlier in the process.

People reports that Lucia previously admitted that on some days, she has a hard time telling what’s happening in her stomach. She said it’s difficult to know if she is experiencing bloating or baby growth, and suggests that the size of her bump varies significantly by the day.

Lucia also revealed that she has noticed a massive change in her breast size — the blonde beauty has jumped from a B cup to a DD.

“Talk about a natural boob job #notcomplaining,” she wrote in an Instagram update

Although Lucia said that the rapid increase in boob size caused stretch marks, she doesn’t mind them.