Spoilers For Wednesday’s ‘General Hospital’: Harmony Sees Shiloh, Sam Has A Plan, And Lucas Is Struggling

George PimentelGetty Images

Big moments are on the way with Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers tease that many in Port Charles will be scrambling as the baby swap story gains some traction.

Harmony will be paying Port Charles a visit again, and General Hospital spoilers tease that she will face some difficult conversations. Willow told her mother that she had miscarried when she was pregnant with Shiloh’s baby, and Harmony believed her. Now, however, Shiloh knows about the pregnancy — and he doesn’t believe that Willow lost the baby.

The sneak peek for Wednesday’s show reveals that Harmony will visit Shiloh at General Hospital. Spoilers tease that he will angrily grab her hand, and demand that she tell him she had no part in keeping his child from him.

This will surely rattle Harmony on several levels. She’s not used to being on the receiving end of Shiloh’s anger, and she didn’t know there was any reason to doubt Willow’s story. Shiloh doesn’t really know whether or not the baby lived, but he’s certain he’s right. Willow is terrified that he’ll soon learn that his instincts were accurate.

General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps indicate that Harmony will quickly seek out the truth. She will track down Willow, and will confront her daughter. This will surely rattle the teacher. Willow convinced her mother to keep the pregnancy a secret from Shiloh. Now, Harmony probably won’t be so supportive of her daughter — should she learn that Willow lied to her.

Across town, Sam will get started on her plan. After talking to Julian and learning that Shiloh is “Wiley’s” biological father, she said she’d do anything to ensure that Brad and Lucas keep the baby. General Hospital spoilers suggest that she’ll pretend to be Willow as she heads into this, and she’ll probably be using this cover to try to gain access to the adoption paperwork.

Lucas is set to make a confession of sorts during the June 5 show. It’s not known yet what this confession is, but General Hospital spoilers detail that Lucas will head to the school to talk to Willow. Whatever he asks of her will be something she doesn’t believe is possible.

In addition, Brad will try to gain more information from Julian. Brad has put Julian in an incredibly difficult position here, and General Hospital spoilers share that Julian will try to push Brad to talk to his husband about what’s been happening.

Chase and Michael will talk about how to handle this situation, and General Hospital spoilers note that Margaux, Jason, and Sonny will be discussing Shiloh. Viewers are very anxious to see the truth about this baby situation come out, and it looks like that may finally happen soon.