Patricia Krentcil: ‘Tanning Mom’ Won’t Face Charges For Putting 5-Year-Old In Tanning Bed

Patricia Krentcil, known as the “Tanning Mom” for her reported decision to put her 5-year-old daughter in a tanning bed, has escaped charges for the alleged incident.

A grand jury in New Jersey failed to indict Krentcil on a child-endangerment charge for allegedly violating a state law banning children from using tanning salons, NBC New York reported. The Tanning Mom was arrested after her daughter showed up at school last April with burns on her legs.

Krentcil said that, while she tans herself, her daughter never did.

“It’s like taking your daughter to go food shopping,” she said. “There’s tons of moms that bring their children in …”

“I tan, she doesn’t tan,” she continued. “I’m in the booth, she’s in the room. That’s all there is to it.”

The Tanning Mom also made headlines as the poster child for “tanorexia,” or tanning addiction. The 44-year-old mother tanned until her skin turned the color of a catcher’s mitt, making her the butt of late-night talk shows and comedians when the case first came out.

At the time she swore off tanning, even taking Touch magazine up on an offer to stay from the tanning booth for one month. Krentcil said the ordeal left her feeling “weird and pale.”

Patricia Krentcil was back in the news for her tanning this week. She told the New York Daily News that she was thinking about moving to overcast London and forgetting about tanning altogether — apparently the salons where Tanning Mom went to get her chestnut glow were telling her she was bad for business.