Mackenzie McKee Is Filming With MTV, But Will She Be Featured As A Full-Time Cast Member On ‘Teen Mom OG’?

Mackenzie McKeeInstagram

Mackenzie McKee may be filming scenes with MTV but that doesn’t necessarily mean she’ll be added to the cast of Teen Mom OG in a full-time role anytime soon.

According to a June 4 report from Us Weekly magazine, the former Teen Mom 3 star has been in production with MTV for some time but has not yet officially taken the empty space left by Bristol Palin, who announced she was quitting the show in April after just one season.

“The show has been shooting with her for years for specials and online content,” a production source told the magazine.

As fans of the Teen Mom franchise will recall, McKee was seen in her own MTV special, Where Are They Now? Mackenzie McKee, in September of last year. She was also rumored to be filming scenes for Teen Mom OG last year as a possible replacement for Farrah Abraham before Palin and Cheyenne Floyd were brought to the show.

Now, with the Teen Mom OG Season 10 premiere just days away, the Us Weekly source claims it is not yet known where the footage McKee is currently filming will end up.

“Despite reports, it is unclear what she is filming for and where that footage will live,” the source added.

Around the time of the initial report regarding her potential addition to Teen Mom OG, McKee confirmed she was “filming” on Instagram but didn’t say what she was filming for.

In addition to rumors of potentially being added to the cast of Teen Mom OG, McKee has also faced reports regarding a role on Teen Mom 2. As fans may recall, McKee was rumored to be in the running to appear on Teen Mom 2 in 2017 but was ultimately passed over in lieu of Briana DeJesus, who she previously starred alongside on Teen Mom 3.

Following the snub, McKee took aim at DeJesus during an interview with Radar Online and pointed out that she has a much larger following on social media.

McKee also suggested that MTV may have chosen DeJesus over her because DeJesus has two different baby daddies, while she has just one.

“I hope MTV didn’t chose her over me because I am married and have three kids with the same guy,” McKee continued. “The story on different baby daddies is what people are interested in.”

McKee has not yet commented on her potential role on Teen Mom OG.

Teen Mom OG Season 10 premieres on Monday, June 10, at 9 p.m. on MTV.