Victoria’s Secret Model Devon Windsor Flaunts Toned Abs In Fringed Top

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images

Victoria’s Secret model Devon Windsor showed off her incredibly toned abs in a sexy white ensemble on Monday at the Council of Fashion Designers of America Fashion Awards show in New York.

Windsor wore a white fringed top with a pair of white form-fitting cropped pants with fringe detail. The ensemble, designed by Kobi Halperin, also included a white cardigan that featured a delicate fringe on the sleeves. She paired the pantsuit with a pair of strappy stiletto heels. The model wore her hair slicked back with a middle part. Her makeup looked flawless with a white highlight in the corner of her eyes and a natural pink color on her lips. The model kept her jewelry to a minimum with small hoop earrings.

In the photo’s caption, the 25-year-old model thanked designer Halperin for the “most comfy look.”

Windsor, who has recently appeared in a campaign with Vogue, might have looked comfortable, but she also looked confident as well. In an interview with Pop Sugar, Windsor discussed her confidence and how it comes down to being comfortable in her own skin.

“Confidence means being comfortable in your skin and your body. Don’t try to mimic what everyone else thinks is beautiful. Be proud of who you are and what you represent, and don’t be afraid to show the world and people around you the real you,” she said.

The model also said that the pressure to appear perfect on Instagram was something that didn’t really bother her, adding that she didn’t think beauty was about perfection as much as it was being comfortable with what makes her unique.

“I don’t ever feel the pressure to look perfect, just because confidence is about accepting who you are. Whatever is perfect to you, not to the world, is what matters.”

Windsor said that there were times in her career when she didn’t know if she had the body she needed to succeed, but that all changed when she got the opportunity to model for Victoria’s Secret in 2013.

In an interview with Ocean Drive magazine, she said that was like “winning the lottery.” The next year, she got her wings, which required training because the wings weigh somewhere around 30 pounds. She said she trained twice daily for six months gearing up for the big show in 2014 and said she loved the experience because it teaches women to be confident.

Fans wanting to stay up to date on what is going on in Windsor’s life can follow her Instagram account.