Miley Cyrus Licks ‘Abortion Is Healthcare’ Cake

Jon KopaloffGetty Images

Miley Cyrus has joined the plethora of celebrities speaking out against new abortion laws. On June 4, the She Is Coming singer took a break from promoting her new album. Miley’s Instagram update today is a collaboration with Planned Parenthood, Happy Hippie Foundation, and Marc Jacobs.

The eye-catching snap shows the 26-year-old holding and licking a white-and-pink cake with colorful candy sprinkles. “ABORTION IS HEALTHCARE” is clearly spelled out on the cake. The middle word has been underlined. Pastel-pink backdrops add femininity, but Miley’s post is making a stand.

Hashtags pointing toward women’s rights and the “don’t f*ck with my freedom” lyric from Miley’s “Mother’s Daughter” track accompanied the picture.

Racking up a staggering 1.7 million likes within two hours of going live, the post appears to be taking over Instagram. This is one star who is speaking out against some controversial U.S. abortion laws, and she isn’t afraid to show it.

Comments have been pouring in.

“Have your cake and eat it too! It should be YOUR CHOICE” came from brand Lisa Frank.

“Her body her choice” was another comment.

Not all, however, were coming from pro-choice accounts.

“It’s a life, it’s a little human. Abortion is not an option,” one user wrote.

Miley isn’t the only celebrity face to have voiced thoughts on the issue. The “heartbeat bills” passed by states including Georgia, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Ohio have seen other celebrities take to social media. As The Independent reports, Rihanna slammed Alabama’s abortion laws on May 16. Lady Gaga has done similar. Actresses Sophie Turner and Jessica Chastain have stated that they “will not work” in the U.S. states enforcing strict abortion laws.

Miley’s June 4 post announcing her upcoming collaboration doesn’t offer much detail. The Happy Hippie Foundation is Miley’s own – the “Wrecking Ball” singer founded the nonprofit in 2014. It works with the homeless, the LGBTQ community, and the vulnerable. The Planned Parenthood part seems obvious. As to designer Marc Jacobs, it can only be assumed that the high-fashion label is fully behind Miley’s opinions.

Miley’s post was liked by major celebrity faces. Vanessa Hudgens, Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, and Chanel West Coast all threw out a like. So did Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland and model Lele Pons.

Miley released her She Is Coming album on May 31. The six-track EP has been making global headlines. For today though, it seems to be about Miley’s thoughts as a woman and her support for abortion. Miley has 94.2 million Instagram followers.