Wendy Williams Reportedly Open To Finding Love Again After Divorce From Kevin Hunter

Robin MarchantGetty Images

Wendy Williams has a completely new outlook on life following her split from her husband of nearly 22 years, Kevin Hunter, and she’s loving every second of it. While she is enjoying the single life at the moment — going out on several dates — a source close to the Wendy Williams Show host revealed that Williams isn’t opposed to the idea of finding love and settling down once more.

“Wendy went through so much this past year, but she realizes it was a learning lesson. And now, she feels like she’s on top of the world again,” a source told HollywoodLife. “Wendy feels incredibly sexy and she’s started getting out there again and dating. She’s enjoying seeing what’s out there and is open to falling in love again.”

However, Wendy’s not going to rush the idea of finding love. She will welcome love if it comes to her sooner rather than later, but for now, she is “having fun rediscovering herself and her feminine power.”

The source also noted that Williams feels “incredible” and “unstoppable” since her split from Hunter. As fans know, the radio host filed for divorce from Hunter in April after his alleged mistress, Sharina Hudson, reportedly gave birth to his son. Williams then quickly made strides to cut ties with Hunter. She fired him as executive producer of her talk show, split their finances, and moved out of their shared New Jersey home into a Manhattan apartment — which she calls her “bachelorette pad.”

Williams now has an extremely active social life following her divorce filing. A second source revealed that she has several friends, especially “a lot of guys,” who ask her to go out with them.

“It’s been great for her ego to realize she’s still a hot commodity,” the source said, making it clear that Wendy is just having fun, and is not on a “husband hunt” right now.

The talk show host reportedly even allows close friends to set her up on dates because she “wants to meet as many people as possible.” However, Williams is still on the fence about dating apps, so it’s unlikely she will be seen on any of those any time soon.

Williams’ latest outing was to Hot 97’s Summer Jam in New York over the weekend, according to The Blast. The talk show host was seen enjoying the music festival in denim shorts, a white tank top, and an animal print jacket. She looked absolutely stunning as she jumped on stage to support DJ Boof, who acts as the DJ for The Wendy Williams Show.