Instagram Superstar Tammy Hembrow Officially Launches New Eyebrow Kit With Her Sisters, Amy And Emilee

Vivien KillileaGetty Images

Instagram superstar Tammy Hembrow and her sisters, Amy and Emilee, are often compared to the Kardashians. So it should not come as a surprise to their fans that the trio is delving into the world of cosmetics. As The Daily Mail reports, the Hembrow sisters recently launched an eyebrow kit collaboration with Benefit, a U.S.-based makeup company. The official launch event was held QT Hotel on the Gold Coast in Australia.

The kit is aptly called “The Great HemBrows Basics Kit,” and Tammy is wearing one of their products in her most recent Instagram post.

“Wearing my fave @benefitaustralia ‘gimme brow,'” she wrote in the caption. “Our kit is now available in @sephoraaus stores Australia wide! Can’t deal aahhhhhh, tag me If u see me guyss.”

Her older sister, Emilee, made a similar Instagram post — as did Amy.

“I can’t believe I’m in @sephoraaus with my sisters,” Emilee wrote, while Amy expressed gratitude for the support that they’ve received in her caption.

As Yahoo! Australia reports, the kit contains products that customers can use to shape and define their brows. Tammy has previously shared demonstration videos on how each item in the kit can be used. As The Daily Mail notes, one of the pencils is for giving the brow its general shape, but there’s another which is for the addition of more precise strokes.

According to The Sun, Tammy Hembrow’s path to Instagram stardom started when she began documenting her fitness journey on Instagram. Those fitness posts continued when she became pregnant, which helped to further bolster her following. Khloe Kardashian has hailed Hembrow as one of her key fitness motivations, and Tammy was included in Khloe’s “Good Squad” — a group of brand ambassadors for her fashion company, Good American.

As The Sun notes, Tammy has previously revealed that she didn’t pay attention to healthy eating or working out when she younger, but decided to switch to a healthy lifestyle when she truly realized its benefits.

And while Tammy owes a lot of her success to the effort she puts into her workouts, a headline-making association with the Kardashian-Jenner clan doesn’t hurt.

In August of last year, multiple news outlets reported that Tammy was wheeled out of Kylie Jenner’s birthday party, face down and on a stretcher. The Blast described her as a “casual” friend of the Kardashian family at that time. The Sun reported that she had been lying face down because she’d been vomiting.

But given the news about the Hembrow sisters’ collaboration with Benefit, it’s clear that she’s moved on from that unfortunate incident — and her stardom hasn’t suffered because of it.