Elizabeth Warren Nails Double Digits In Latest Morning Consult Poll

Scott EisenGetty Images

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, one of the more recognizable names on the long list of 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls, received good news on Tuesday after a new poll indicated double-digit support.

According to The Hill, the Morning Consult poll, which was taken from May 27 to June 2, put Warren at 10 percent. That’s a 1 percent rise from previous polling data and puts the Massachusetts senator in third place overall.

The percentage gain could have been at the expense of Sen. Bernie Sanders, who fell by a percentage point this time around, taking him down to 19 percent overall. Warren and Sanders are the only two candidates with percentages that saw a change.

Digging deeper into the data, Warren saw a more significant rise in support from voters in early primary states like Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina. She jumped from 7 percent to 10 percent, again placing her third behind Sanders and former Vice President Joe Biden.

Women’s issues also jumped in importance for Democratic voters, to the tune of a 14 percent increase. That could be favorable for Warren as she holds a comfortable lead over other female presidential candidates.

Women also make up a majority of Warren’s support base, with 59 percent. Specifically, Warren has the most support, at 29 percent, from women in the age group of 30-44.

The Hill suggested that her uptick in polling momentum could be a result of her consistent campaign messaging and policy rollouts.

As The Inquisitr reported in late May, Warren made headlines when she announced a call to Congress to pass a law that would allow the indictment of sitting presidents by the Justice Department. Her proposed policy would roll back long-standing DOJ rules that forbid the indictment of a sitting president.

She also stated that if she were to be elected president that she would appoint DOJ officials who would enforce the new law, should it be passed.

Warren also slammed President Donald Trump and renewed the call for Congress to impeach him after Robert Mueller gave his rare and unexpected press conference in which he stated that charging the president with a crime “was not an option.”

“Mueller’s statement made clear what those of us who have read his report already knew: He’s referring President Trump for impeachment, and it’s up to Congress to act,” she wrote in a post published to Medium.

On Tuesday, as reported by The Wall Street Journal, Warren introduced a $2 trillion clean energy plan, warning of the future consequences of climate change. Her goal is for the U.S. to lead the world in the clean energy sector.