Venezuelan Fitness Bombshell Michelle Lewin Teases Fans With Skintight Pants And Low-Cut Bodysuit In New Video

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Venezuelan fitness entrepreneur Michelle Lewin has an insane figure and loads of confidence, and she isn’t afraid to flaunt either of them. She regularly showcases her enviable physique on social media while wearing workout gear and bikinis, but her latest video went a different route and was still raising heart rates.

On Monday, Lewin posted a video to her Instagram page and asked for input from her followers. She wanted them to let her know whether they liked the look or not, and it looks as if her millions of fans loved this sexy clip.

Michelle was wearing a sheer black bodysuit and form-fitting pants, and she seemed unsure about whether the look worked. Lewin’s husband Jimmy was filming the clip in the couple’s bathroom, and he said he thought she looked awesome.

The Venezuelan beauty twisted and turned to show off all of the angles, and she seemed to remain uncertain. The bodysuit showed off Lewin’s toned arms and slim waist, and it was quite low-cut to ensure that the model’s cleavage was accentuated.

Lewin’s pants were a blue color that synced somewhat with some of the detailing on the bodysuit, and she also wore black heels. The pants had a low waist and were skintight across the Venezuelan beauty’s perky bum and shapely thighs.

Michelle tugged at the waistband a bit as she showed off the look. As Lewin modeled the pairing and asked her husband his opinion, she gave a smile over her shoulder and flaunted her curvy backside.

Lewin has 13.4 million people following her Instagram account and many of them had strong opinions on this outfit of Michelle’s. The video itself was viewed more than 1.2 million times in less than 24 hours and more than 3,200 comments were left for the fitness guru.

Many of the comments seemed to line up together as one fan wrote, “Cute top but I think with blank pants would be better.”

In general, it seems that Lewin’s followers liked both the top and the pants well enough, just not necessarily together.

“I like the pants the top not too much, but you always look amazing.”

Quite a few of the comments were posted in Spanish, and more than a few commented on how gorgeous Lewin looked and refrained from commenting on the outfit itself. Some noted that Michelle was hot, and others admitted they wished they had her body.

“How could anything look bad on that body!!”

Michelle may not have felt all that confident about this particular outfit, but her confidence was high in her latest Instagram Stories. In one clip, Jimmy videotaped his wife picking up dog poo in the yard while wearing a tiny thong bikini. In another, he showed the Venezuelan fitness model holding their dog while wearing tight jeans and a T-shirt knotted under her breasts.

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The last brief clip showed Michelle out at an event, and it looks like she did wear the black sheer bodysuit with the skintight blue pants. She was touting a fresh hairstyle and credited the salon, and she looked plenty confident this time.

No matter what Michelle Lewin wears, she highlights her infamous assets and gets her followers buzzing. While this latest combination of the sheer bodysuit and form-fitting pants was something of a miss, it is clear that the Venezuelan fitness model’s figure with her toned booty, insane abs, and enviable cleavage is always a hit.