June 4, 2019
Justin Bieber Shows Off Gold Wedding Band Nine Months After Marrying Hailey Baldwin

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin were married in a small courthouse ceremony in September of 2018, shocking fans. Nine months after their marriage, the couple have started showing off their wedding bands, according to HollywoodLife.

Fans first noticed the gold band on Justin's left hand in an Instagram photo posted last week. In the photo, Justin is promoting his clothing company, Drew House, wearing items from the line and sipping on coffee as he perches on a kitchen countertop. The singer is holding the coffee cup in his left hand, making the band noticeable. However, while it is clear he is wearing the wedding band, he makes no mention of it in the photo's caption.

Another photo gives fans a better view of the gold band. In this second photo, Justin is wearing a purple button-down shirt over a white shirt, also sporting a hat. His left hand is placed on his head, and the ring is clearly visible.

Justin isn't the only Bieber showing off a wedding band, though. According to a report from Elle, it appears that Hailey has slipped a wedding band onto her left hand. In photos shown on the site, Hailey's left ring finger appears to flaunt a band, one nestled next to her gorgeous engagement ring. The site compared a recent photo of Hailey to one of her appearance at the Met Gala, where she was clearly wearing only the engagement ring.

This is the first time the couple has been spotted wearing wedding bands. Back in September, a source told People that the couple wouldn't be donning the bands until their formal wedding ceremony.

"They are not gonna wear wedding rings until after their wedding. It will be in the next few months," the source explained.

Some wonder why the couple decided to get married so quickly -- and without a large ceremony -- but the same insider explained the reasoning behind the whirlwind marriage to People.

"They can't wait to have a wedding. But for other reasons, it was easier for them to get the legal stuff out of the way now and to get married. It was more of a necessary ceremony to make it legal. It doesn't seem like it was a big deal to them."
It is still unclear when the couple plans on having their more formal wedding ceremony. Reportedly, they had planned on having it at the beginning of the year, but postponed it so that Justin could focus on his mental health.